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  • Incredible / Amazing

    Hi there, this past week was the first time I have bid on gemstones, always just coin collecting and I have come across the most incredible occurance.

    Its called SHIL BIDDING,

    The amount of bidding is amazing, incredible and it looks like sellers are getting away with it!!!! A simple excersize this morning after Crazy Wednesday showed 4 sellers using shill bidding, its really not that hard to tell when its happening.

    I view myself as a good buyer and seller and have ethics, I WILL NOT EVER BE BIDDING ON CERTAIN SELLERS AUCTIONS AGAIN.

    What a mess, I hope that some or other time ETHICS will prevail in the gemstones and rocks auctions.

    I really am amazed, I am the first to complain!!!!!!


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    Dear John

    We do not allow shill bidding on our site and consider this a serious offence.

    The site is monitored for shill bidding on a daily basis, we have systems and reports in place to monitor this, however should you suspect shill bidding, please report it to, we will investigate it. Please post links to the auctions in question, as per the forum rules, if you wish to post about this topic.

    Thank you