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  • Synthetics sold as natural

    I know this post is going to make me unpopular (again) but it needs to be said...

    I've been noticing lately that there are more and more stones, especially ruby and sapphire, being sold that look more than a little too good to be true.
    Now obviously not having purchased these stones I cannot confirm it (so I'm not making any direct allegations, just giving an opinion based on what I see), but I will say that based on the pictures and pure common sense, I strongly suspect at many of these of being synthetic stones being advertised as natural. If they were in fact genuine, the values would be even higher than those stated:

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    Unfortunately we are limited to 5 images per post...
    Then there are the pics that have been "enhanced" so heavily that they surely no longer look anything like the actual items with total over saturation and contrast. There is no way any buyer could get a realistic impression of what they were buying based on these pics (they could be getting ANYTHING, but not what they see in those pics) and they are just misrepresentations:


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      Lukeness, I am not an expert but surely it does not need an expert to see on some of these photos that the items are 100% synthetic and not worth a fraction of what some of them have been sold for. I really feel sorry for those ignorent buyers and actually wish they would submit these items to EGL in Johannesburg or Cape Town for assessment. I am even prepared to pay for the EGL expenses if I am wrong and they are actually natural, in which case they have bought them at a bargain that's making me really jealous! Solly


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        I agree with Luke, those Rubies are shocking, blatant synthetics, I really feel sorry for people falling for this horse***t!!, there are certain sellers moving from one unscrupulous act to the next!! People should be directed to this deceit and urged to get their stones checked by reputable labs/qualified gemologists .... come on buyers get your stones tested, it is the only way this is going to stop!

        re the enhancement of photos

        for a stone of this size, you have to ask why is the photo so bad, also why no EGL certificate?

        photos are so bad, not possible to see what they are buying

        this is my favorite, colour/contrast levels turned up so high, even the background has gone red!!

        not the best photograph, but backed by an EGL certificate stating colour!

        Motherearth - Fine Jewelry and Gemstones


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          The number of imitations and synthetics have gotten to an all time high. For example just on todays crazy wednesday:

          That is a cubic zirconuim. No doubt about it.

          Also a cubic.



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            I 100% agree with all the comments above and as a Buyer of Gem Stones, I have come across stones which are truly a slap in the face. In the beginning I bought my first stones and got fooled.

            I have started to learn by time and now I only buy by sellers I know which sells natural gems.

            And I think I speak for all buyers, THANKS to the sellers which brings true natural gems to BOB I will surely support you all always.

            Oh and yes Solly thanks for that amazing ring again, a true master piece.

            So thanks to all the sellers for making our collections natural.

            And those who sell synthetic stones must realise time always catches on to you.


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              Originally posted by motherearth View Post

              this is my favorite, colour/contrast levels turned up so high, even the background has gone red!!
              hmmmmm seems this one has now been removed (unless the link is just not working for me?)
              :D See my listings :D


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                Yup looks like its been removed


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                  Use the link as written in the first post.