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  • Hardness treatment ???

    Hi All

    Can anyone (maybe Lukeness) enlighten me on what a treatment a sapphire would undergo for "hardness" as I haven't come across that before ?

    See attached link for a 38ct pink sapphire, read Q&A from seller.
    Sapphires - Stunning 38.00 Carat Pink Sapphire for sale in Isipingo

    The sapphire does not look natural either

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    Hi, If it is a natural Sapphire and Burmese I would buy 10!!!! Good luck. David.:o
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      That's a cubic zirconia... ;) synthetic and man made, you can tell just by looking at the pic!


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        Thanks guys, thought as much. But out of interest, is there such a thing as hardness treatment ?


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          I am still a novice, but I think the type of "treatment" mainly affects the Gemstones colour and could have an limited effect on the hardness...not sure.....we need Lukeness again!
          Regards David.
          My age is but an irrelevant number !
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            No, glass can be hardened not gemstones.

            Simply there is no "hardness" treatment at all ;) I'm certain luke will confirm :)


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              Originally posted by GemDeals View Post
              No, glass can be hardened not gemstones.

              Simply there is no "hardness" treatment at all ;) I'm certain luke will confirm :)
              This is all I can find, but I believe it would most likely only be used on soft gems not Sapphires nor Rubies so the seller is talking BS and they are all lab created. If you think about it they can create gems so I would not put it past them to create a hardner

              I also found this on the net: I have come across several references that mention the application of a boron coating as an effective way of increasing the hardness of

              However, all the materials I've seen thus far have been from laboratories, rather than actual industrial applications, so I'm not sure how readily the process could be applied to your gems.

              And: Gemstones like pink topaz are already coated to apply a very thin
              layer of color. My idea is to find a coating which can be industrially
              applied which is colorless (thus not effecting the optical appearance
              of the facetted sphalerites) BUT HARD ENOUGH to make it scratch and
              wear resistable so that it can also be used for setting.

              One researcher at Bangkok university acchieved a break through when he
              used as he said a ceramic based coating (mixed out of two ready made
              and available agents) but this information is not verified.

              I am accepting a answer for this question the name and seller
              information of a ready made coating agent which can be used and easily
              applied on the gemstone which enhances its hardness while not
              effecting other properties.
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                nothing out there can improve on the hardness of diamonds, it can however deliver a protective coating that will make the diamond(usually large ones) less prone to scratching.

                The other coating is usually a lot softer than the gemstone itself. that is why coated gems fade when worn a lot, it is true that applying it to soft gems like calcite will improve the durability but not the hardness as a hard knock to the stone itself will still brake or chip and the coating won't truly have a big effect.


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                  There are possibly coatings that are harder than the actual stone (vapour disposition diamond coatings etc) but there is nothing that would actually improve a stone's actual hardness. Some CZ manufacturers have claimed to use these to imoprove their products resistance to scratches. But frankly, there is no need to improve a Sapphire's hardness, unless you plan on rubbing it with sharp diamonds...