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  • Topdrawer break in.

    I am afraid my offices were broken into last night and all my items that were on auction have been stolen. I have asked Bob to cancel all my auctions that have not closed and advise the leading bidders accordingly.
    I have advised clients who have not paid for past auctions not do so and will refund those who have paid but whose items have not yet been shipped.
    My apologies for the inconvenience caused.


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    That's awful.. hope you are insured?
    What's for sale today?


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      Thanks for your concern
      I am insured and thee assessor has been out. I am still waiting to see what I will be paid out.
      The sense of violation and the inconvenience is as bad as the actual loss.


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        Preaching to the choir.. i woke up during a break in.. they got hubby's work laptop, my only expensive handbag i've ever bothered to get (i normally stick to the mr price R100 jobbies),our 2 digital camera's.. and we've established that the Sony Ericsson k850i is my "eleanor" (refer to the movie Gone in 60 Seconds)..

        And the assessor for my former insurance company is a jackass..
        What's for sale today?


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          They were certainly selective! They left the desktop, printer, fax, gem equipment and laptop, but took the 3G cell phone attached to it. I collect knives and they took a few of the branded ones but left the more valuable handmade ones, nevertheless, it took written quotes to convince the assessor that those taken were worth more than R1500.00 each. They also took nearly all my stock in trade.
          They also broke into the flat adjoining the office and amongst other thing took earrings and cash out of my daughter-in-laws bag while she and my son were asleep right next to it! Even more bizarre is that out dogs who sleep in the kitchen with an open door facing the office never stirred and they normally bark at every leaf that blows around!


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            Sounds like they were drugged (the dogs)... Why would they leave a laptop, that's easy money for them... Odd... Keep suspicion on your staff....:o
            What's for sale today?