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  • Seller - tanzanites

    I bought (and paid) for tanzanite stornes from GemSearch. I paid and was sent only ONE stone of a combination. Enquires with GemSearc (Chantal) resulted in sarcastic and insulting replies. I eventually got an admission that the advertisement was placed wrongly but I suspect it was placed like that with the intention to deceive because I have not, despite polite enquires, been able to get the balance of my order that I paid for. She expects me to return the stones - I woul be stupid tosen the stones back to someone that has not honoured the sale from the outset - Beware!!
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    Please report this to BoB. This is fraudulent behaviour according to the detail you have provided. You can send an email to and attach all your correspondence for them to have a look.


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      My two cents - took a look at ratings (negatives are piling up) and find this disturbing - since when do you send an appraisel / evaluation via email? (send the original with the goods as a reputable dealer would). This is a document used to insure you items and a "COPY" is not acceptable. Personally I wouldn't buy from this seller even though they are verified.


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        I think this is better reported immediately to rather than hello@BoB! My 10 cents worth ...!
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          An appraisal via email? LMAO!!


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            Have just recently experienced the same seller first hand. As Allan2006 says "the negatives are piling up". I was lucky enough to have her relist 18 of the 19 auctions on which I bid - probably because I sent 'the woman' in question (she who shall not be named - SWSNBN) an email the day before I paid, stating that she must ensure that:

            all gems are the clarity and quality as advertised by SWSNBN in the BoB auctions
            all gems are the colour as advertised by SWSNBN in the BoB auctions
            all gems are in good condition and order (i.e. not cracked, scratched, broken, chipped, etc, beyond the advertised / stated clarity and quality)
            appraisals are supplied with all gems bought that were advertised as having appraisals in the BoB auctions.
            packaging is appropriate and does not allow gems to damage each other in shipping
            each auction item is clearly marked with the relevant BoB item auction number

            Suspect she chickened out - lol ;)

            I currently have 18 neutral ratings from SWSNBN of which I am rather proud.:D

            But I do think something does need to be done. SWSNBN keeps catching those who are relatively new to BoB - such as yours truly. What goes around as they say - really goes around, however, maybe some of the newbies deserve a break. How on this dear EARTH did SWSNBN get verified?

            I kept in the loop from before I even paid for the gem auctions - since I started to smell the odd rat here and there, so maybe community watch IS the way to go?
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              I won't get into the specifics of what transpired between "this woman" and myself, but the end result wasn't pretty!

              The gems I received were absolute rubbish - and that excludes the gem auctions that I won and she did not send the items.

              Ultimately I took the gems to a reputable gem dealer to get my "proof" that the gems were not as listed (as per BoB requirements when submitting a complaint of this nature) and I was eventually refunded in full - after many emails between BoB, herself and me.

              At the end of the day I became public enemy number one, but I flatly refused to be dictated to by a seller - especially with her "reputation".

              There are sadly many buyers that have been caught out over the years by this particular seller (who has numerous usernames by the way). Ultimately the only advice is to take note of the ratings from buyers - you are guaranteed NOT to get what you paid for from her...

              Pity, as this generally sets a bad example for the rest of us genuine / honest sellers. Most of us have been bitten by this one!
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                Well written - sorry to hear you were 'bitten' too!

                Other than this particular White River aunty - I have had overall the most exceptional online experiences with almost all other sellers. That includes you!!

                Sadly, it is the tricky-slickies such as this who terrify :eek: many newbies (and oldies) into leaving an otherwise extraordinarily functional and supportive sales environment.

                Rather useful that her emails sort of let one know what various other names she trades under, and the White River location more or less pinpoints her too. Anyhoo, back to look at some gorgeous goodies - hava lovely Sunday afternoon!
                "Truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."


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                  Msplod and Cali, I agree with you 100% it is really over the top if you dare give a neutral or a negative you will without a doubt receive one back. I know BOB deos not like getting involved with ratings but with this seller they really need to start looking at her business conduct it's a joke. Also something can not be right with her postage system most people are getting neutrals and negatives for not paying the right amount on postage and theres loads of those rating how difficult can it be? Sadly I have seen some really great buyer with great ratings 150/200/300 buys under there names 100% rating until they buy from her. Ask yourself how is that possible.

                  P.S Sorry if my spelling and grammer sucks my proof reader is already a sleep.
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                    The gemval website itself makes it very clear that their summaries are not to be used as proper appraisals.


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                      From all the threads I read this can be construded as Fraud - this is what I found and it clearly states that the seller can't claim misrepresentation.

                      "Misrepresentation," as the term is here used, must be distinguished from "fraud," with which we are to deal presently. Misrepresentation means an innocent misstatement or nondisclosure of facts, while fraud consists in representations which are known to be false, or which are made in reckless ignorance of their truth or falsity, or in nondisclosure or concealment of facts under such circumstances that it amounts to a representation that the facts concealed do not exist.

                      I would consider legal action against the seller for fraud - This is just my opinion.


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                        Well i guess i deserve it as previous posters noted , it had to come. The person noted ie. gemsearch from White River, bit me too. I have paid all my items within the time frame noted and got 100% positive ratings until as also noted i started doing business with her and *** forbid i won several auctions for stones at R 1 each , so i guess i should have expected some sort of crap. I paid within 24hrs as per my MO and then for the second auction ia gain paid and she sent me a noted saying that she will hold back the item so as for me to combine auctions. Right !!! Just as a note i paid for postage on that one too. So after another 2 auctions i only paid for the stones and last combining fee, as i had paid R 40 twice to much and that was in leiu of combining fee. Next thing i inow she blocks me and says she will only supply one auction as i underpaid, also listin SNC eventhough all was paid. She had the audacity to say i did not pay within 24 hrs which waqs absolute crap. I queried with BOB and they are looking inot it. Then i had 1 day later more items i won on auction. She did not retract or cancel as can be done but then refused to supply me eventhough i contated bob AND THEY ADVISED I SHOULD PAY, which i did again within 24hrs. Now she again relisted all items, 71 of them which i again won for R 1 each and i get no direct emai from her at all only her to BOB with me in cc. Also reported to BOB and they are looking into it. In the mean time she gave me 22 negative ratings and i am livered as i try very hard to be 100 correct. She has by the way also not paid my funds back or even attempted to do so. I suspect i got the items too cheap but my response is that if you cant let them go at that price, dont list them for that amount. I have paid high prices for some items i wanted and i will do so for quality goods. I know her stuff is not good quality but i knew that when i bid again after receiving my initial goods, and thus i accept that as i inow full well what i am bidding on. For the record the gemval verification i could do myself as well and thus i feel she also rips many innocent new buyers off with that. Ever noticed? It is just new and recent bidders that buy her stuff and not many return. I wonder why?
                        So needless to say i will fight this tooth and nail and i will get my stuff even if i have to go and collect or all my money back in the very least. She lies with every word she writes, so please guys, leave that witch alone and i am currebly figghting and coomunicating with BOB as i also feel someone of her caliber needs to either be removed or disciplined and i always fight for the underdog. Just unfortunately right now it is me as well. Guess that is how you learn. But i need to just note that her attitude stinks. She is rude and obnoxious to the point of suspected madness.

                        Will keep updating what latest is but i will not let this go.........


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                          Strength to you in your quest for justice Sybillah!! Go Gal!!
                          I am intrigued to see what the quality of the single auction (of the 19) which I won from she who shall not be named (SWSNBN) will actually be!! Her latest trick - one of many - was to send me an email yesterday asking for my banking details... which I sent her 5 days ago (delivery note attached to email - so I know she got it).
                          I responded to her - and copied the email to - whom I have kept in the loop since before I paid for the gems from SWSNBN.
                          Every day I fill in one more rating for the auctions she relisted... I think she is getting the idea that some folks just DON'T go away.
                 have most of my email correspondence with SWSNBN, I will compile all of it into one saved folder and send it to them.
                          "Truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."


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                            Thanks for the comment and yeah she spends a lot of time trying to post lies and deceipt. Wish she spent so much time on customer service!!
                            Trust me i will not let this go even if i have to take it to court. People like her should not be allowed to trade, finished.

                            Good luck to MsPlod as well and hop you get your messge accross as well. Quality of the stones is never the best, so.....


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                              Watch SHSNBN's ratings....;)
                              "Truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."