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  • Gemstone 101

    Use this thread to ask all gemmology questions.

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    Hi thanks for tis opportunity...I have discovered a cake tin full of rough specimens on a sale...Suspect around 1000ct aquamarine rough (nice sea-blue colour) , 200ct garnet, 200ct Transvaal jade etc...But herein lies my problem I suspect... I do not have the knowledge (yet) to say with certainty...Is there anyone I can send samples to or show the samples to make sure...
    You teach best what you need to learn most...think about it and you will realize I am correct


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      Hi Gem Shop

      Do you have or can you take a picture?
      You could sent it to me to check for you although you've probably got others closer.


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        Just some extra info for anyone interested:

        Transvall Jade, while opaque and jade-like, is in fact a tyope of garnet. Specifically, Massive Grossular Garnet. Very closey related to tsavorite, which is Green Grossular Garnet.


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          Hi Lukeness,

          It is a joy to read your posts. The information is flowinh! Thank you.

          I have been collecting gems for a long time (years of my ~ year existence). I love stones (gems and minerals). Lately I have been spending money on collectable gem stones. In your opinion; (as collectables and not just jewellery gems) which gems should be in my collection?

          Thanks for the info…


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            Hi jlflyer,

            What do you currently have in your collection? What sorts of stones interest you? Do you have specific tastes, likes, dislikes?

            Let me know and I'll try to answer your questions with that in mind.


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              Sapphire value

              Something I've noticed is some sellers claims that Ceylon (Sri Lanka) sapphires are the most sought after, have the highest value and good examples are highly sought after.

              This is simply not true.

              The most sought after sapphires come from Kashmir. These are followed by Burm (Mogok) and in third place, Ceylon.

              You can almost half the value as location changes from the one to the next. But this rule only applies to top stones. Rubbish is cheap anywhere.

              The majority of Ceylon sapphires are Geuda (milky) sapphires that are heated very high to get clarity. These are of a lower value still, athough after heat they look great.


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                Not wow or anything but something interesting and worth having in your collection for almost nothing:


                In case you're wondering, it's dark blue quartz.
                Trade names include Lazurquartz, Lazurquarz, Saphirquarz, Saphyrquarz Sapphire Quartz. Ther colour is from mcroscopic inclusions of fibrous crocidolite or magnesioriebeckite.


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                  Nice, I agree!


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                    Does rubies, sapphires from different countries get cut different ways...?
                    I am sure I read something between you and gemzone when you discussed a ruby and one said it was clear by the cut that it came from a certain place?
                    If i sound stupid please bear with me...If you dont ask you'll never know...
                    You teach best what you need to learn most...think about it and you will realize I am correct


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                      Certain cuts are more typical in some locations but this alone is not enough. With the extreme market dominance by Thailand most stones are cut there and many others copy them. At a glance, cut and colour can sometimes provide a clue to origin but not a reliable one.


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                        Is it true that you cannot get rough Tanzanite from Tanzania anymore?
                        You teach best what you need to learn most...think about it and you will realize I am correct


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                          Not yet, but they are pushing for that to become the case. Tanzanian rough carries rish though as no returns are accpeted. No rough gemstones are allowed back into the country.


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                            I have seen some ebay sites now not selling any tanzanites over one carat to anyone other that america why do you think that might be.
                            Also I have seen some pre-embargo logos on some american sites that sells rubies and sapphires....What embargo are they talking about?
                            You teach best what you need to learn most...think about it and you will realize I am correct


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                              I think the Tanzanite seller are doing so because of bad payments and shipping problems.

                              The pre-embargo refers to the trade embargo placed on Mogok (Burma) preventing the export of any gemstones. Gems traded before the embargo started can still be traded legally.
                              The problem is that the stones still get through to Thailand so the people really affected are the poor of Burma, not the corrupt dictatorship which is it's target.