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  • New bride needs to work REALLY HARD!


    I am getting married soon and that really pushed me to lose the weight I recently gained. Now I have a hard task at hand but I SWEAR I will get there! I have always been on the tall and slender side but when I turned 30 I seemed to start gaining weight more easily. I worked at it and basically starved myself until I kind of leveled out at 145. I'm 5'9" so I looked good, but still wanted to tone further and go down an additional dress size. Then I met my current fiancé and started gaining weight again.

    I need to lose about 2 lbs a week if I want to do this at a steady pace. Does anyone have any advice for what I might do since I can't always get to the gym or be very physically active?
    I'm happy to be here! Thanks!

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    Try Herbalife....... it really works. Contact Angelique at (PM me for her number). Chat to her..... she can assist you. You can tell her Linka gave you the number.
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      I am on a high protein diet at the moment. It's quite slow, but I can steadily see the inches dropping off.
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        New bride needs to work REALLY HARD!

        I can give you tons of motivation and support and all my friends are thin and gorgeous and can eat what they want. [Advertising details deleted - Erazor1]


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          The only way to stay slim is to change your lifestyle.

          Also, have you had your thyroid tested? I started gaining a lot of weight after the birth of my 4th child. I had my thyroid tested (blood test) and am now on Eltroxin. Though I still have to work hard to stay in shape, it has made it easier to shed the kilo's.

          NB: Why can't you get to the gym? This is an excuse which is totally unacceptable. You need to make losing weight a priority and if you do, you will MAKE time for it. Love yourself enough to make time to exercise.
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            Beads...... I could not help laughing....... the face of your avatar.... and the idea of having had 4 children!!!

            What about people who hate excercise? It is not laziness, it is like someone who hates ironing or diy. It is not only a hate, it is not being good at it. If you hate playing a piano and you are not good at it but you were told to play it everyday...... how will that feel?

            I hate excercise eventhough I like walking now and again BUT I would rather do washing, play with the dogs, do needlework, paint a room, fix a door or do something you can look at afterwards. I live in a small town and I know all the streets, have seen all the houses and hate all the dogs yapping at my ankles while I go for a walk.
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              Walking is exercise.... and very good exercise at that.

              I am not saying everyone HAS to go to gym, but if you are trying to lose weight (or maintain it) you have to exercise or alternatively starve yourself. I love food so this is not an option for me. :lol:

              I don't love exercising. But I know I have to do it or I won't have the body I want. So I do something I don't want to (gym) so that I can have something I do want (healthy, fit body)

              I think that maybe I sounded a bit harsh in my first post on this thread, so if you would indulge me, I would like to explain fully. So please excuse the long essay below.

              As I have said, I have 4 children. I have been pregnant 13 times (I have a genetic condition that results in 2nd or 3rd trimester miscarriages). The reason I point this out is that my body has been through a lot. It also doesn't help that most of my family is over weight, so if there is a genetic predisposition to being heavy, believe me, I have it.

              With my second child, I craved fat (olive oil, butter.... ate spoons of it and drank the oil out of the bottle.....yuk) and as a result I picked up more than 60 kg's. (Basically doubling my body weight) After my baby was born, I joined Weigh Less, and though I don't weigh my food anymore, I find it is a good lesson as it teaches you how to eat correctly.

              Then with my third and fourth pregnancies, I was confined to my bed for 8 of the 9 months and lost a lot of muscle mass (and of course, put on weight because of inactivity) Once I started exercising again, I felt much happier and healthier.

              I am not as young as I once was, and I do sometimes find it difficult to maintain my weight (58 kgs...1.73m tall), but always remember something I heard:

              "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels""

              P.S. No more babies for me ! :lol:
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                "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels"

                I agree with that!

                I just wish women will accept their bodies. I was thin but it was never good enough. Because of jo-jo dieting my weight has gone up little by little.

                I take my hat off to you for keeping control in spite of all you went through. You must be one in a million!
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                  Thanks for the kind words.

                  You must be one in a million!
                  I think stubborn is the word you're looking for. :lol:

                  My own view is that if you look good, you feel good. Also if you look after your health.....what better gift could you give to yourself and your family?

                  I fully intend to be around for my children's weddings, grand children's births etc etc. And what about when one of my kids becomes president? I couldn't possibly miss that!
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                    I think stubborn is the word you're looking for.

                    Then I think stubborn is good!

                    I have been a single mom of three for the past 19 years and I think if you struggle to keep your head above water plus those of your children, you forget about yourself. You, your body and your needs come last. Wish I have kept a balance like you.

                    They have all left the house now but it is too late to change :roll:

                    What do they say about an old dog and new tricks? :lol:
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                      Loose Weight

                      Hi, Why don't you try using some Lecithin tablets. They have many functions - one of which is to assist with the breakdown of fat in the body. My Gran used to give us these tablets when we went to her for the school holidays and then she knew she could feed us 3 and 4 course meals because she knew we wouldn't pick up weight. We used to even loose weight by the time we went home.
                      PS. This will help with lowering cholesterol, aids memory, fights acne, fights excema etc etc. See listing under Lecithin. Good Luck!


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