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  • Sicko

    hi all

    recently i had such a wake up call...with regards to much so that it is absolutely life changing for me...all AFTER i watched a 2 hour film aka documentary by michael moore..i just want to take this opportunity and perhaps enlighten you in your plight and others like me in south africa that might feel the same..

    i would strongly urge every BoB member reading this posting to watch this.. it has been running on DSTV for a while now and i just managed to catch it.. i hope DSTV will show it again because it is worthwhile of movie/doc SICKO

    you know, i had so much faith in our country, and still stayed on whilst all my IN DEMAND colleagues left for greener pastures, i love my country and wanted to be patriotic and help out with the upcoming world cup,just like the patriotic PEOPLE in the U.S.A would do the same and who also love their country, but their healthcare system stinks!! yes the U.S.A is ranked 37th in the world by the world health organization in terms of health care systems...the U.S.A system stinks...what hope do we have ,if we are ranked well below them..WATCH THE PROGRAM AND BE ENLIGHTENED!....the AMERICANS are being hoodwinked by the government and health care systems AND SO ARE WE !!!

    healthcare should be relatively FREE...and GREAT healthcare i might add!
    it is possible, countries like CUBA,FRANCE ,UK,CANADA,ETC offer their citizens wonderful healthcare...THEIR health care systems are amazing ! CUBA...what a poor country BUT I TAKE MY HAT OF TO THEM!...CAUS THEY TAKE CARE OF THEIR PEOPLE!

    worthwhile to google michael moore website, see his film footnotes - sicko

    TOTALLY despondent
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  • #2
    Where there is life, there is hope - although our Health Care system leaves a great deal to be desired. If you can't afford private medical aid, then it can be difficult. However, there are some Government hospitals which are running at full speed and providing great services (why do we never hear about them?) I can tell you of one specific Public-Private hospital which is doing very well indeed in helping patients - Settlers' Hospital in Grahamstown. Recently upgraded, specialists are now consulting there - we have hope for our retirement in this wonderful little city!
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    Today I am wise and am changing myself.