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  • Innoxa skin pr0ducts wanted

    Hi im looking to buy skin products from the innoxa even range.i use the products often so hope to get it at a decent price.the product i use the most is the even serum in the innoxa range.this range helps to address pigmentation problems.does any1 sell this product?

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    OP, did you ever find a seller on BoB for this? I used to use the range as well, but I've since switched to the Garnier Even range(yellow packaging). Its slightly cheaper and its available everywhere. I found it to be incredibly effective & even better than Innoxa. I recently got back from a holiday in Mozambique, where I got sunburnt and bitten by mozzies. After using the Garnier stuff for a week I got my skin-tone back and there are no dark spots from where the mozzies bit me (I always scratch, I can't help it).