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  • Do south africans role play?

    I buy and sell Role Playing games (DD/ADD etc) in the UK and was wondouring if anyone in SA plays and would be interestered in buying?
    Also I have listed Dragon magazines but was wondouring why I was not getting any bids, is it because no wants them (fair enough) or is the postage to much or is there something else.
    Possible selling outside SA does not help as I cant be a confirmed seller but who knows.
    Any thoughts on this.

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    There have been a few post here about it.
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      I do not think that many South Africans are clued up into role-playing - having teenage kids with a house always full of their friends, I notice that the biggest thing is their cellphones. It's a distressing phenomenom - in their language "it freaks me out".

      As a teenager and even a young adult I played Dungeons & Dragons at least 3 afternoons or evenings a week, with 12 of us involved at the core, it was a fascinating and exciting game, with us even going to far as to having a massive bash once a month dressing up in the costumes of our role characters. But in came TV, video and cellphones and out went imagination!

      Unfortunately teenagers are not allowed to trade on bidorbuy because this is the type of thing you get involved in at the high-school entrance age. And unfortunately as most South Africans are unaware of what role-playing games entail, it is not something the adults (as the legitimate buyers) would really buy (I think) for their teenagers - not when we have them nagging us for cellphones, WII's, computer games and playstations.

      More the pity and such a loss!

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