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  • Help On A Listing Detail Please


    I have been reading the forum articles on fraudulent listings concerning jewellery. I have my own site where I sell but would like to place some on auction as well.

    My problem is this - I buy from a wholesaler who is registered with the Jewellery Council of SA - but I am not - would I be able to mention in my listing that MY SUPPLIER is? without having to also mention who my supplier is? Also, what would happen in the case of any dispute - would I have to divulge my source? Also, where and how would I find out what the retail value is that I could expect - do I leave this up to the buyer/bidder to decide - what markup could I give just to start with without seeming dishonest in my dealings? Do I mention any retail value (which I would have to decide myself) - I do have an idea of the prices if you compare some of the same goods found in stores like game, dions and jewellery shops - do I use their values as my own?

    Please 'Cleverlies' I urgently need help on this one. :) and thanx in advance for your help.

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