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  • who to trust

    hi there,

    I'm new to bidorbuy and spotted a ring on bidorbuy on the crazy wednesday sale which is currently on a bid of R3000 yet the indicative market price is almost R30 000.

    I'm thinking this is a huge bargain and I could make some money if I took that ring to a jeweller and sold it for the "indicative market price". Yet how do I know that market price is for real and not thumbsucked??

    The seller has many positive ratings but I'm still too scared to pay R4000 and then perhaps not get my money's worth.

    is there any way to tell??

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    Hi klapperkorrel,

    Firstly a jeweller would never purchase a ring at the indicative market price, as they too want to make a profit off it.

    Secondly most of these values are ERV Estimated Replacement Value which could be used for insurance purposes only, and is not the actual price. (There is a BIG difference between value and price)

    Thirdly, many of these jewellery items are imported - which means that its average price in USA will be EXPENSIVE in SA due to the pathetic USD to ZAR exchange rate.

    Many sellers will be able to back up their ERV with a manufacturers price tag (which will be in USD$) or a certificate. But beware those that make false claims. It is very important to check the seller's ratings and see what other buyers are saying about their purchases.

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      Hi Amanda!

      Thanks for the reply- it now makes much more sense.