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  • Simulated Pink Diamond Auction 13976249

    I have won this bid on a Simulated Pink Diamond Size 7 from Candy Girl Inc on 27/06/2009. I sent the seller a request for a R which he confirmed he will send to me as he does have in stock. I received this stunning ring on 11/07/09 only to find out that it doesn't fit. I then sent the seller an email immediately with regards to this matter and he answered back on 13/07/09 that it is what I requested and that is what he sent me. I took the ring to 2 local jewelers in Cape Town for a second opinion and they confirmed that in alpha code this was a P equivalant to a 8 which explaines why it didn't fit. I sent him a note with regards to this through the bid or buy system on 13/07/09 and up until now I am still waiting for a reply.

    The seller's history shows that on 12/12/08 an incorrect ring size was sent to a buyer as well which the seller replied that the size was sent that was on the auction. The matter then was left as is.

    I do not intend to badmouth the seller but there is no clear communication from the seller's side and that he is not willing to swop the ring. According to the jewelers a size R is a 9. Is this possible then that sizers can differ from jeweler to jeweler?

    The forum is the light on the end of my tunnel seeing that I do not get any good communication from this seller.

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    Hi Milah01, welcome to the Forum.

    Did you send the request for a size R, before or after the auction closed?

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