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  • 925 Silver Jewellery

    I have been trying to get 925 silver jewellery online to buy for a girlfriend who cant wear anything else, and time and time again i buy something which is advertised as 925 silver and then it is not. A matter of fact is that it is not even silver but s/steel. Is there any buyers out there who do have 925 stamped jewellery i can take a look at, with a return on their own cost if the items is not 925 silver?
    Items for sale:

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    I think i need that stuff, i also have issues. Soooooo irritating as i can't wear my old jewellery..
    What's for sale today?


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      Hi Whitewolf

      Just per chance I bought a stack of 925 Sterling Silver items from my supplier yesterday! The photos have been taken, and I'm going to start listing the items ASAP.

      12 rings, 11 pendants, and 5 pairs of earrings - all gorgeous!

      With regards to our 925 Sterling Silver jewellery listings - if it states "Sterling Silver" then it is 100% genuine 925 Sterling Silver! We will never "fool" our customers!

      I must however add though, that as confirmed with the supplier yesterday, certain 925 Sterling Silver products do have a 925 Sterling Silver coating over and above the solid 925 Sterling Silver material to enhance the shine - this coating is often mistaken for a rhodium plating!

      Please feel free to browse through our listings - hopefully you can find something appropriate for your needs!

      Kind regards,
      Janet - Cali Craft
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        :) Hi Whitewolf --
        All my sterling silver jewellery is made by suppliers who are registered with the South African Jewellery Council so I can guarantee that you will get a full refund if the sterling silver items are not as advertised. All my sterling silver rings I have taken to a jeweller who is able to re-size them (this is a good indication that they are the real thing)

        The problem is that a lot of Chinese suppliers stamp items that are not sterling silver with the "925". I have learnt this the hard way so I now only get stock from reputable suppliers! As they always say if it seems too cheap -- there is usually something wrong with it!

        Take a look as I just got some stunning new rings:
        Items for sale by daisyjewel on
        If you want something in sterling silver which I don't have in stock I can get it too :)
        Kind regards
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          I've bought from both CaliCraft and daisyjewel and can highly recommend them as professional, honest sellers. Never had a problem from either of them!
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            Hi there girls

            Thanks for it. I will check out the items for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Items for sale:


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              I sell 92.5 Sterling Silver.

              Hi Whitewolf, I have a range of 92.5 Sterling silver listed. They are all 100% 92.5 and all imported from a reputable supplier. Please take your time by checking out my page to view listing. I'm adding more collection to soon.

              Best regards,


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                Hi cape2silver,

                Welcome to the Forum.

                I notice in your items that you charge R30.00 for the first item via Speed services counter to counter : Other Necklaces & Pendants - Sterling Silver Pendant for sale in Cape Town (ID:24058697) The new SAPO booklet says that it is R66.02 for Speed service, counter to counter for parcels up to 1kg, did you know that ? Maybe you or one of the sellers using Speed services can correct me if I am wrong.

                If I am not missing something, you will loose bigtime on your postage.
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                  Speed Services currently has a special on their bags of R57.50, so yes, this newcomer is going to loose BIG TIME! Will log onto her site and inform them this via the Q & A. Thanks you so much Admin!