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  • Gold Alloys???RGP???

    I am new to buying jewellery online. I have come across some ads that advertise gold alloys. My understanding of alloys are that some other metals are mixed with solid gold to either make it stronger/ less expensive or to change the colour of the gold. Am i right in understanding that there should still be a stamp stating xx karat(k/kt) ? Also, from what i read, RGP is rolled gold plated which is completely different to alloys right as it is a thin sheet of gold wrapped around a cheaper metal?
    So what do i do if i receive an item that in an advert says gold alloy but on receipt has a RGP stamp on it? Some help would really be appreciated.
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    All Jewelery is made from Gold follows: Yellow Gold (22K) Gold 91.67%, Silver 5%, Copper 2%, Zinc 1.33%; Red Gold (18K) Gold 75%, Copper 25%; White Gold (18K) Gold 75% Platinum or Palladium 25%; or Gold 75%, Palladium 10%, Nickel 10%, Zinc 5% 24 karat gold is as pure as gold for jewelry gets.

    Rolled gold is a very thin sheet of gold that is laminated to a lesser metal (usually brass). The two layers of metal are heated under pressure to fuse them together. The sheet is them rolled into a very thin sheet and then used to make jewelry. Jewelry made from rolled gold are durable. Rolled gold pieces are marked rolled gold plate, R.G.P.
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      Thanks for the reply :)