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  • Watches on Sale and on Auction

    Good day fellow members.

    These days i saw so many Sellers place watches on Auction"Mainly 2nd hand and some new Cheap funky watches with Fat inflated Values"It looks more like

    I was just wondering,could we seperate all the "Auction watches" from the "buy now" watches.

    Eg.Buys and Bids.Sub categories.

    I personally think if someone want to buy a new quallity watch,they will not go through all the auctions before they see a new watch that they want to buy.Mostly on page 5-7 where the buy now watches started.I think the buyers getting tired after page 2 AND 3 and lock out.

    Just wondering if that will give a sollution for watches on buy now,AND waches on Auction.Eveyone wants to make some money,that`s why we are all here for.I don`t say they must dissapear they also have a right as we all have.

    Sakkie Venter

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    Hi Sakkie,
    I think seperating buy now and auction items is a good idea...I have bought dozens of auction watches from R1 to R31 for gifts and for company promotions....everyone was very happy.
    I have expensive watches but my doctor was admiring my R1 watch on Friday.
    I was scammed a few years ago on Bob for a TAG....very upsetting.
    My age is but an irrelevant number !
    Items I am selling.


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      There is already a filter option to list either Buy Now or Auction separately in the Watch category. I do not believe we would create more categories for this specifically.

      Thank you for the suggestion though.

      Kind regards


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        Hi there Cuan

        I only noticed it after you mentioned it, dont think I am the only one.

        Can you maybe consider adding it as one of the?

        "Sort by Default | Ending Soon | What's New | Lowest Price | Hot Selling "



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          Hi guys, I recently purchased a "koningswerk" watch, are these watches authentic and reliable?
          I searched on the net and found some people saying they might be Chinese fakes.

          I'm a bit concerned.
          Thank you.


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            bidorbuy cannot verify if these watches are fake, as they do not seem to be reproductions, replica or counterfeit watches. They do seem to be a brand in their own right, but it's best to research the item before purchasing it. Also contact the seller to see what guarantee or warranty the product might have.