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  • More selling of Nazi items, again...

    Yes, admin, we understand the rule. Great, fine and all that. But why is Ratings received by Camdix BK on still selling reproduction SS insignia, even though I reported it to Community Watch on several occasions?
    Obligatory link to my listings.

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    against BoB policy?

    The BoB listing policy has this

    1.16. Listing of Nazi related items

    The following may not be listed:
    • Items or memorabilia displaying Nazi / Nazi-related icons, emblems and symbols, including Nazi SS, 3rd Reich and swastika.
    • Items, documentation or any matter promoting violence, hatred, racial prejudice or religious contempt.
    The following items may be listed:
    • German World War II memorabilia that does not exhibit emblems, symbols or icons referring to the Nazi's (as indicated above).
    • German stamps and coins produced during the World War II period.
    • Books and documentaries detailing world history and events revolving around the World War II time period (which may exhibit imagery referencing Nazi's, the Nazi SS or the swastika).
    The seller is not towing the line with BoB policy - also its seriosly bad taste


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      Please note, the seller has received warnings in this regard and previous items deleted. The seller has received a final warning and their account disabled and items removed that are contavening the listing policy.

      Thank you