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  • Polishing out scratches on military flash

    Hi all,

    I am in the process of collecting SADF flashes of all the places I went to and units served in during my days with the Infantry.

    Obviously after twenty five years, some of the flashes I have tracked down and bought here are a little worse for wear.

    Does anyone know of a professional who can polish out the scratches on them?

    Kind regards,


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    Hi, I have heard that there is a polish paste in a tube from a company called Autosol available from Bike Shops that bikers use to polish out scratches on their helmet's visors. Apparently one must polish in straight lines, not rub in circles.....and it works best.


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      Regarding polising of flashes

      Hi Fire Teck

      Not sure if you got your flashes sorted out,just read the post.I do polish flashes for a few collectors
      so if you still need it done give me a shout.Pls don`t use a polising paste on them,it`s just not
      good for a flash or any thing old.

      Kind Regards


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        What the flipped... ! I try my darnest NOT to erase mine man!!! PS OK... I'm not really...! Just adding some wry humor OK?! ;-)))