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  • Collecting Boer War period De-activated Rifles

    Here is an interesting article that I am sure that if you are a collector of these rifles you will be interested to read, please note, we are no longer allowed to buy or sell these rifles here on Bid or Buy, however I am sure that we can discuss them here in The Forum.

    I have this article dated the 21st May 1984, it was published in The South African Magazine called Uniform which still is published today, this article was written by them and I am sure that once you have read it, you will be more happy that if you have these old De-activated rifles that they mention in your collection.

    PRETORIA---Yweriga wapenversamelaars kan Martini Henry (kortloop) en Enfield (langloop) 303 gewere uit die jara 1875 tot 1894 spotgoedkoop by Verdedigings hoofkwartier aankoop.

    Die kortloop word vir R5.00 en die langloop vir R15.00 verkoop. Die versamelstukke kan deau lede van die Staandemag, burgermag, kommando's en deau nasionale dienspligtigies gekoop word.

    Volgens kmdt H. N. van Staden van die afdeling vir voorraandadministrasie by Leerhoofkwatier is die wapens in n' goeie toestand en dit veilig gemaak deur die bewegende dele vas te sweis-- dit kan dus nie meer skiet nie.

    In other words these rilfes were sold by the various Governement sections, The South African Police as well for R5.00 and R15.00 to the public, there are thus thousands of them scattered around South Africa.

    This article also states that the rifles were welded in such a way that they will never be able to shoot again, holes were even drilled into the barrels.

    The article carries on as follows.


    Weermaglede is reeds in Augustus 1983 in kennis gestel van die versamelstukke wat te koop aangebied is en die aanbod is later uitgebrei na die ander staatdepartemente en Formasies se bestellings moet voor 30 Mei in wees.

    Volgens kmdt Van Staten is 2 958 van die kortloop - en 3 919 van die langloopgewere al verkoop.
    Die wapens is voorheen gebruik as drillkrabyne deur die skool-kadette. In 1978 is egter besluit om dit te onttrek omdat die kadette nie R1-wapendril met die ou wapens kon doen nie.

    'n Ander versamelstuk wat ook te koop aangebied word, is die lang bajonet en skede vir die 7.70mm MK 1 No 3 geweer. Die bajonet en skede kos R8.38. Die aanbod is net vir lede van die Weermag met 25 jaar diens of die wat op pensioen gaan.

    This is why there are so many of these rifles around and also pattern 1907 bayonets that you see for sale here on this web site.

    However I am a keen collector of these rifles and if there are other collectors out there who also have this same passion as I do, please post some pic's here as well and show us what you have, some of these old Rifles also have engravings on the wooden butts from boer soldiers who were in the boer war as well.

    If anybody is interested in starting to collect these old rifles as well, then you just have to contact me and maybe we can do a swop or something.
    These old rifles can tell many a story, just think of the history that is behind them, where they were used and even when you were at school as a cadet.

    It is late now, but I will post some pic's of a few of my De-activated rifles from my collection
    But first of all to just draw your attention, here is a pic of myself shooting my copy Long Land Brown Bess Black powder musket dated 1756, please note, I do have a black powder permit to use and transport the balck powder.

    If you do not see the pic's then it is photobox having problems again.

    The next few pic's show you some of my collection.

    Martini Henry rifles and then an old 303

    Please note, both of these rifles have de-activation certificates issued from Classic Arms, below.

    Martini Henry below

    So now it is your turn to post some pic's of your collection as well, so if you want to buy some of these old De-activated rifles, (please note you are not allowed to do so here on Bid or Buy as per their rules, but first buy something from me on one of my auctions.
    Want to start to collect them
    Only collect registered licensed firearms yes.

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    Not exactly the right period, but I wouldn't mind having an SMLE (with bayonet) to hang on my wall.

    (Actually, when I was at the Cop Shop to hand in excess weapons last year, there was one in pristine condition, apparently bought unissued fron the Union Government, and just handed in that morning for destruction. Even had the canvass bag and bayonet.)
    Obligatory link to my listings.


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      I see that the photo's are not showing, I will sort this out later, have to go off to work now.I bought a P14 the other day with de-activation papers, what a wonderful looking rifle indeed, it belonged to an 84 year old gent.


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        The local museum has/had a wonderful collection of old firearms, including a Maxim. The tourism bureau had them vacate the building (to convert it into an "arts & crafts" shop) and all of these weapons are now presumedly in storage somewhere.
        Obligatory link to my listings.


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          Old Rifles part of our histoty,

          Hi WRANGLER_4X4,
          I have read your article and must say I am very interested in having some of the old rifles on my wall . Please let me know what you have and what you want for them,
          Thanking You


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            old de-activated 303 and Martini Henry rifles

            you call me by email
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