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  • Genuine German 2nd World War Helmet value please

    Hello all, I have just obtained this genuine German 2nd World War helmet, it even has this little emblem on the side, I would like to know what is the true value of such an item, I am considering to sell it here on BOB, but to be fair to everybody, I need to know the value.

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    Hi wrangler_4x4

    Please kindly take note of our listing policy here regarding Nazi war items -

    1.16. Listing of Nazi related items

    The following may not be listed:

    Items or memorabilia displaying Nazi / Nazi-related icons, emblems and symbols, including Nazi SS, 3rd Reich and swastika.

    Items, documentation or any matter promoting violence, hatred, racial prejudice or religious contempt.

    The following items may be listed:

    German World War II memorabilia that does not exhibit emblems, symbols or icons referring to the Nazi's (as indicated above).

    German stamps and coins produced during the World War II period.

    Books and documentaries detailing world history and events revolving around the World War II time period (which may exhibit imagery referencing Nazi's, the Nazi SS or the swastika).

    Thank you.


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      Hi There, I am running through these old forums, really bored tonight! Well I see you did not get an answer for your helmet price, between R4000 and R6000 I would say, chin strap is just a add on, not the original. Helmet looks great. Remember if you want to list cover up the swastika good and proper or photoshop it out. Regards


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        Covering the swastika up does not make it right to list the item. This would still be considered a contravention of the listing policy...

        Thank you