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  • Please Read This (Very Imported) From Brett2243

    Sorry guys there is some type of email bombe going around at the moment
    that forwards itself to all your email contacts on your email account.
    I received it from i don't know where and i have tryed to trace the bloody
    thing but no luck it come`s back to me.So if you receive a email with the
    subject line of " Hello ! " pls don't open the thing because from there
    it goes to everyone. I have a lot of of people mad at me because of
    this but hell its not my fault. This thing is a gmail thing and they are
    not doing anything about it at the moment, i have the new bitdefender running +
    windows firewall and maleware detector and it still got me. So to all that
    whant to stone me to death i am sorry, this was not my doing but i do sincerely
    apologize for the inconvenience and am doing my best to rectify the problem,
    sadly i am no Pc expert but i and trying.

    Kind Regards :(
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