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  • Selling of deactivated firearms on BOB


    Can someone please enlighten me since when are we not allowed to sell deactivated firearms on Bid or Buy. This is just a question and I am not trying to rewrite BOB rules. I am just interested to know what the reason for this is. I would like to point out the following:

    Firstly, in order to deactivate a firearm a person needs to get a clearance certificate from the SAPS, with this certificate the SAPS agrees to the following namely: 1. That the firearm in question was tested by their ballistics department and that it was found NOT to have been used in any unlawful activity.
    2. The firearm does have its serial numbers on it and these have been checked for authenticity and legality.
    3. That the SAPS agree that said person wants to keep the firearm as a souvenir or collectors item etc.

    Once the necessary SAPS certificates have been acquired the firearm can be taken to a reputed gunsmith / dealer and they will do a standard deactivation depending on the person's requirements. This deactivation could include a quick R200 deactivation where the barrel gets drilled, the magazine removed and the bolt action welded or more complex deactivations where the bolt action can still move but the rifle canít fire etc.

    The gunsmith / dealer then issue a certificate for the deactivated rifle so all is legal. Now if a person wants to sell this item they should be able to do so. It is not illegal according to the SAPS. For the most part (and this is just my personal opinion) all firearms sold on Bid or Buy have been deactivated and are sold to collectors as collectable pieces as are bayonets, bandoliers etc etc. There is no difference. Nobody can be hurt by these collector's pieces. One should then ask the question what about paintball guns, you get pepper balls that could severely hurt people and some instances blind them permanently. What about all the katana swords and daggers sold daily on Bid or buy? As many reading this would surely remember these have recently been used as murder weapons in schools etc. Somehow we need to set a proper standard when it comes to these types of items.

    I have heard excuses such as people using these weapons to hold up shops and banks etc. Then what about BB guns (legal) which looks and feels exactly as a real weapon. If a robber wants to take a chance using a deactivated rifle in an "armed" robbery he or she is taking their own lives into their hands as the guards would not be carrying deactivated weapons.

    I would love to hear what collectors have to say about this,

    Items I am selling.

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    Dear Sir/ LadyI am also interested to know more about this subject, me thinks that there are people who are just jelouse because they do not have or cannot afford to buy these items. Or are also sellers here on this web site and would rather prefer to let the buyer spend their money on their items instead.


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      bidorbuy has taken a decision not to allow de-activated firearms on the site as it is becoming increasingly difficult to police as some sellers cannot supply the deactivation certificates. This is a policy decision.

      Items such as paintball guns, bb guns, knives, Katana's etc do not require licences, therefore are not illegal and can be sold.

      Thank you