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  • World music...

    A somewhat loosely used term, which has been used to describe anything from boeremusiek (bokjol flavour) to Himalayan chants, Brazilian drumming or Cameroonian folk songs - but in general "World Music" is a fascinating trip into cultures and musical experiences different from our usual pop music cultures and genres such as rock, folk, jazz, R&B, etc.

    Given that much of our so-called "popular music" stems from various cultural roots (and intriguing fusions and interpretations of those roots) you may want to take a listen to some of the different artists and bands that seldom get airtime on popular media. Some "world music" is really catchy and makes the feet tap and head nod... while other songs and albums are incredibly emotive and beautiful.

    Just been browsing through the "world music" section on BoB and have been fairly pleasantly surprised at the selection available.

    I did have quite a chuckle at some of the adverts in the world music section though - "Dolly Parton" - well - I suppose it is American C&W... Frank Zappa (???? - really enjoy him but world music - ???) - Neil Diamond (??? - c'mon - ???) - and various other pop albums which really do not belong in the world music genre...

    Some of my favourites include:
    Youssou N'Dour
    Ismael Lo
    Afro Celt Sound System
    Angelique Kidjo
    Manu Dibango
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