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  • Canon EF 35mm f/2 lens...

    Just picked up my new Canon EF 35mm f/2 lens from the post office this morning, which I bought from Orms in Cape Town. (None of the sellers on BoB had stock or could beat the price.)

    Very impressed. The EOS 1000D actually now takes good pictures. Field of view is roughly equivalent to the familiar (to me at least) 55mm lens, but the perspective is obviously that of a 35mm lens. Best of both and I can use it my film body should I ever feel silly enough.

    The distance scale is there and has depth of field markers for f/11 and f/22. This is fine, as I nearly always shoot at f/11 when outside.

    Bokeh is brilliant (at f/2.8):


    So far, I'm very happy with the lens. It makes a great companion for my Canon EF 24mm f/2.8 lens. The "Ugly Ducklings" still rule the yard!
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    Glad you got the lens. DOF is good on the f2.8. I should get some time to upload an image or 2 from my circular fisheye I got the other day.


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      The two of you are talking about lenses that I can only dream of.....


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        Originally posted by dstorm View Post
        The two of you are talking about lenses that I can only dream of.....
        Why? If you shoot Canon, then the Ugly Ducklings offer the best "bang for buck". They all outperform the USM versions and most of the time the L-series lenses too. (A bit of history explains why this is so... as well as marketing psychology.)
        Obligatory link to my listings.