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  • Battery grip Canon 350D

    I'm looking for a battery grip for a 350D, if anyone knows where I might get one then please let me know!

    If anyone has one they want to get rid of, let me know!

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    Battery Grip

    Hi! Are you still looking for a grip? I can get a new one for 90 USD. Shipping not included.


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      I'm also looking for a battery grip, at a good price, for a 400D.


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        Would you be so kind as to give me more details on the grip? What make. model number, etc. so that I could look at some reviews on the net?

        Thanks a bunch!


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          "Pro battery grip for Canon EOS Rebel XT XTI 400D 350D"

          Deluxe Power Grip for Canon Rebel XT, XTI, EOS 350D, EOS 400D & similar models.

          Functions the same as the Canon BG-E3.

          The only difference is you will save hundreds of dollars."

          Digital Concepts is the brand.

          Let me know if you are interested and I will post it!


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            Phottix battery grip

            This grip looks like a good proposition, only drawback no FA button. [Edited - admin]


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              Yes, these types of high end electronics are better bought from places like the above mentioning international auction site as they are too expensive after tax in SA.


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                Hi there, we bought the 400D a couple of months ago. The fittings and lenses and filters and goodies, fits on the 350D.

                Search on those sites, but search for the canon 400d (or you will search the whole day), you will be amazed at what you find and the prices!

                We have purchased 4 lenses and few filters and a stunning bag and batteries and a lot of extras for the camera, all original and all arrived safely.
                Life is not difficult, it is the choises you make!


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                  I have bits and bobs floating around for the EOS350D and 400D, plus two complete "boxes" of the body only cameras 350D & 400D. (including battery chargers & batteries)

                  Anyone interested? And what price guidelines. All items brand new.
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