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  • Old camera parts

    Is there anyone out there in bidding on old camera parts? I'm talking about 35mm SLR cameras, that can mainly be used as spares, even though they are in perfect working condition.

    I even have a soviet union camera that goes by the name of Zenit. I'm thinking of auctioning off these cameras and all their accessories.

    They weigh a ton, so normal shipping will probably cost a bundle. Might as well make the auction cheap then.

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    Could you upload a or email me a photo of everything you want to get rid of?

    I am a camera collector and will be interested if there is something I can use!


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      No prob, I intend to put the parts up for auction soon, as soon as I figure out the shipping costs. Keep a look out in the photography section for this.


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        Any news on the equipment?

        Did not see anything on the auctions as yet....


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          The parts are up for auction, and I've included pics of the cameras and parts. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

          Sorry about the delay, but I had some problems with my internet and the monthly caps.