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  • Eltoro trading

    I ordered a pentax kx camera from this guy called Johan (Eltoro trading) and did not read the fine print. Below his ad he says he takes 15-20 working days. In the end he took exactly 1 month to deliver the item and to my dismay there were two other problems. (This is besides the fact that after waiting patiently for a month, when I respectfully asked him what was happening he acted EXTREMELY rude).:eek:

    Firstly, the buyer says he is SA but it turns out that he buys his stuff from the US after someone buys from him in BOB. Therefore he advertises products that he does not have and when you buy he orders them!!! That also means that if something goes wrong with the camera I will have to wait 2/3 months to get it fixed/replaced provided the seller keeps his word. Secondly, he gave me excuses that the reason he takes long is because was because of the volcano "ash cloud over europe". LAME excuse. What does the cloud over europe have to do with the US? I ordered another camera from the US exactly in the same time and it arrived in about 15 days !!!!

    I approached bid or buy about the issue and they say they allow certain users to "drop ship" whatever that means. Shouldn't the buyer say he will be importing the item and is he allowed to sell items he CLEARLY DOES NOT HAVE but intends to buy later???

    Finally I was dissappointed to learn yesterday that the lens he has given me are for film cameras (have a silver strip around the lens) and that the picture on the ad as well as the lens being sold in shops here all have a green strip and are better for SLR cameras. :( I just dont have the energy to ask him about the issue after he acted so rude just for my inquiry about the date of arrival.

    Anyone have any comments?

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    I would report it to community watch as one has to get permission from bid or buy to dropship.. See the post
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      The other side of this lie

      First of all we do not buy items AFTER it has been sold. We have an office in the USA where stock is kept. The buyer's biggest problem is that he tried to beg for discount on the excuse that he was a student. We do not give discount as our prices are already discounted to where they can go. Later we were able to obtain more stock of the same at a lower price, and passed the saving on to buyers. The fact that the same package now sold for less than what he paid angered him even more. Unfortunately no seller, retailer or anybody else will then give you a partial refund, as that would surely then also give us the right to charge buyers extra should the price increase later.

      Cargo from the USA flies from JFK airport in New York to Heathrow or Liege, and then on to South Africa. It is possible that the other purchase just missed the problem, and also that it is not a legal import that passes through USA customs as an export, and again through SA customs as an import. I can actually post the whole tracking string from TNT here as soon as I'm back at my office.

      As far as the lenses are concerned you should really not show your total lack of knowledge in public. The lenses provided are for the camera you got, as it comes from Pentax USA in kit form, exactly as you received it.

      Lastly - there is no FINE PRINT on our listings. All that is required is the actual ability to read, and to be able to understand what you read in very simple english. One should ask questions before placing an order, which you clearly understood when begging for discount with the lame excuse of being a student.


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        Please see the definition of dropshipping from Cuan - Dropshipping - have a supplier located elsewhere who sends the goods directly to the buyer.

        We do not dropship. We are importers with an office in Tennessee, of which I'll supply the telephone number to Morne or Cuan on request. Items sold by us are exported from our USA office to the office in Naboomspruit, from where items are shipped to buyers, and from where warranty issues are also sorted out on behalf of buyers.