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  • House for sale in Parklands, Cape Town

    Can I post an ad to sell my house as a private seller? :)

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    If you have success then let me know. My town up in Jhb has THE laziest estate agents! I've seen 1 agent EVER and i'm with 3 agencies. In about 4 months.
    What's for sale today?


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      Hi Bowlsmad

      To answer your question, yes, you can. Generally most properties are sold using the Classified listing. For more details on classified listings go here -

      Please note there is a R100 fee (no success fees charged) for Property Classifieds, as per our rate card -

      Hope this helps.

      Kind regards


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        How successful

        Hi Cuan. How successful is it to sell property on the classifieds? Have you had feedback about that?
        What's for sale today?


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          Hi d263

          Actually I can't give you those stats - as it's a classified, the sale does not take place on bidorbuy, so I do not have that information to give you. I have heard from several sellers that they received a fair response to their classified listing.



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            Private Seller

            Hi D263,
            I'm in exactly the same boat. We know the market is very slow at the moment and because of it have dropped our price by R250,000, but the problem comes in when agent's commission, which, when you deal with the bigger groups, is not negotiable, puts it into a bracket that is no longer realistic. They also indicate to you, by telling you straight or by not bringing any clients that they're not interested to market your property unless you give them a sole mandate. We gave an agent a sole mandate for 2 months after telling us that our asking price is very reasonable and that there is still room for their commission - they never brought anybody. Then on the request of two other agents we gave an open mandate - to date they have not brought any clients. Fortunately we have other avenues, like Bid or Buy, where we can sell realistically without commission, which in many cases, are not earned.
            I will let you know how my ad is responded to.
            Rgds :)


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              Don't you think it's just silly that considering the economy that the agent can't even take a drive out 3km away from their offices just to have a look so they know how to market it? :roll:
              What's for sale today?