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    Communicating with BidorBuy forum readers should be both informative and pleasant. Your cooperation and support is requested to maintain our standards.

    We are not responsible for the information posted on our forums.

    We are not liable in any way for the accuracy or inaccuracy of any of the content posted onto the forums.

    The following are expressly forbidden in postings:

    1. Material containing any defamatory remarks.

    2. Material containing vulgarity, hate speech, swear words or any form of discriminatory or offensive communication.

    3. Material containing anything inclining towards an adult nature.

    4. Postings repeatedly submitted.

    5. Advertising or marketing ploys of any kind.

    6. Any copyright items being submitted without the prior knowledge and consent of the copyright holder.

    7. Any material in violation of South African laws.

    8. Revealing contact or personal details of an individual without the knowledge and consent of that particular individual.

    9. Publication of any URLs, email addresses, telephone or cell phone numbers on the forum is expressly forbidden.

    Please report any messages that breach this policy via a PM (private message) to the moderator.