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  • New marketing gimick or rip off

    Hi Bobbers,Has anyone else noticed lately the increase in people offering 40 stamps for sale starting price R1.00 but you must buy the lot.To me the starting price then becomes R40.I have just seen on the crazy Wednesday a person offering 2000 stamps with a starting price of 10 cents but you must buy the lot so starting price is R200.Are these people trying to catch out the bidders who don't read the listing properly? My own opinion is yes they are so it becomes a rip off.Have a great day regards Kevin.

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    I saw that but it is not only with stamps - the coin section too!

    If it wasn't for the 'last minute', nothing would get done.


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      Yes, I have also noticed this trend lately.
      I do think they are trying to catch out the unwary and I won't be bidding on these listings.
      This is a very sneaky tactic in my humble opinion.


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        I also think it is sneaky as new bidders don't know to watch out for these sorts of things and still have lessons to learn - at the benefit of someone else! Not fair.
        Yesterday I was clever and wanted to change the world.
        Today I am wise and am changing myself.


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          BoB should remove the "quantity" function with auctions, as not only are sellers now using it to dupe buyers but it is also very frustrating in genuine auctions. (You cannot change the quantity once your bid has been placed.)

          It is OK with "buy it now" listings.
          Obligatory link to my listings.


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            Removing the quantity function is not the answer, sometimes it is neccesary when listing a few of the same item e.g. when BoB lists its advertising slots.

            This tactic is also used in other sections and can be confusing to new buyers.

            If market value is not much more than the starting price these are not really "Crazy auctions".

            I don't think there's an easy solution though...


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              hi guys. i have also noticed people selling a mixed bag of goods but bidding per item. if i am interested in one item and someone else in another item the price will be pushed with one winner and all the other items end up not being sold. is this the intelligent way to go if you want to sell all your goods and who gets to decide who gets what