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  • Stamp traidng on bob-interesting facts!!

    Hi all,
    Here are a few facts about stamp trading on BOB which some newbies and oldies may not be aware of.I started trading stamps in feb 2008.The stamp department had about 8000 stamps listings as opposed to the 28 000 listed as today.Huge growth of almost four times the listings!!!
    The CRAZY WED auctons in 2008 had about 60 odd listings of which most were genuinely clearance listings and in most cases were the odds that no one wanted and were thus cleared at low prices.
    I consider myself as one of the pioneers of listing good quality top value stamps on this CRAZY WED AUCTIONS and thus created a platform which is very successful today where many sellers list fantastic quality items at R1 and the buyers can happily get a bargain and sellers can get a quick return on listings.
    The CRAZY WED is such a success that in many instances some items that were listed at X AMOUNT on normal listings and never sold actually attained a higher than asking price on CRAZY WED.I remember a bechuanaland 5 POUND which i had listed at R9500 for 3 weeks with no buyers so i placed it on CRAZY WED and the item sold for R11500- TWO THOUSAND rand more than initial asking price.
    I love CRAZY WED and really enjoy the vibe it creates.Sometimes we do not attain the price we would wamt for some items but console yourself with the quick sale and payment ,thus creating excellent cash flow and that is what any business needs,whether you sell baked beans or collectibles.
    I thought i would share the above with all interested sellers and buyers.
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    Hello Neil

    Thanks for some very interesting comments.

    I think that you joined BoB about two weeks before I did (OK, you now have 4 time more ratings than I have!)

    When I started listing, there were usually about 90 items on the Crazy Stamp Auctions. I later on listed 30 items per week and the Crazy auctions mushroomed to 120 listings!

    I also love the Crazy Auctions, but I find that I can obtain much better prices for quality Commonwealth items in the “regular” / non-internet RSA trade.

    It is just amazing how many of the clients at our regular Gauteng Stamp fairs are talking about the BoB Crazy Auctions. And many of them are buying at the fairs with the sole reason for selling on BoB.

    Unfortunately, I will always look at the Crazy Auctions with the view of reselling to my regular (off-BoB) clients. From a pure collecting viewpoint, I think that at least half the items go at bargain prices. The majority of the buyers are still living in Candyland.

    If I was not a dealer, I would have been driving down to Cape Town once a week to pick up my items from you. So please keep on listing the quality items. I just love your Bechuanaland Used KG V on coming Wednesday auction.

    You and sellers like Sentinel really lifted BoB (stamp wise) into a different dimension.

    Thanks a lot


    Philately starts where the catalogue stops.
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      Thanks for comments-Yes the prices are not what a dealer would mark his items at sometimes but this does give the opportunity to some collectors with limited budgets to sometimes acquire an item they would most times not afford.When i buy collections and items of value ,i base my offer at less than i know i can get on bob ,so basically the c/v does not come into consideration at all
      .Sure you lose sometimes but overall based on my purchase prices i do make a decent profit on most items i sell and i create quick cashflow for further purchases.The commonwealth issue is a strange one as i have sold many sets at close to c/v on certain auctions and this depends on who is bidding at the time and also i have sold many sets at about 20% of c/v which is a huge bargain for the buyer.
      I have learned that there is no specific buying pattern as there ae always new buyers and you just have to keep listing to ensure you get the best possible price.