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  • How to find who accepts PayPal


    I recently got PayPal because it seems that is what most use on eBay, but how can I find out who uses it on bid or buy? Thanks


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    Hi there, I cannot answer your question but I have one for you!

    How on earth did you get PayPal. I been trying to trade on eBay for ages, but I cannot get the PayPal story right!

    Please help if you can!
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      You can open a PayPal account to pay for items on the other site. But, as far as I know, you cannot receive payments with PayPal if you are from South Africa.

      Or am I wrong?



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        What problems do you have in registering with PayPal?

        And as AVG Gems has stated, you can only pay someone via PayPal - you cannot receive money here in SA via PayPal.
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          Yes, i cannot receive payment into Paypal. And i also don't know how to get money INTO Paypal! It is frustrating because i don't know another way to deal through eBay either.
          "He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how" - Nietsche


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            I cannot assist you here. I only use PayPal if I purchase something offshore and the seller has the facility for the buyer to pay via PayPal.
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              samwise wrote:

              And i also don't know how to get money INTO Paypal! It is frustrating because i don't know another way to deal through eBay either.
              You add your credit card details to PayPal and when you make a payment, PayPal then uses your credit card to make the payment without giving your credit card details to the seller.

              You do not need to add funds to your PayPal account to be able to make a purchase.



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                Hi there

                It would seem as though Ebay (America) has recently made changes to there system whereby you can only use Paypal as a payment method. The sellers are not allowed to mention Postal Orders or Cash transfers at all. I tried to sell three items on Ebay and everything was great until the customers tried to pay me. I was completely unaware that the poor idiots that live on this side of the ocean are not part of Paypals "global" system. I have had no problems paying for items with Paypal at all, but it is very frustrating that they can take our money and not allow us to receive it. I would imaging that the new changes now make Ebay - South Africa completely useless to man or beast.


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                  EBAY WHAT A JOKE

                  This is the message I posted on the EBay Forum and you cannot believe the flack i received from AMERICAN SELLERS.

                  I have been a member on EBay for over a year and both PayPal and EBay have willingly accepted my money for purchases. Now I am trying to sell and guess what I am blocked from every end to enable me to become a seller. I keep getting advised that they are working on the problem and hope to be able to assist me in the near future. This answer is already a year old, and I may be dead and buried before they open international trading with my country. Importing my money is OK but every restriction in the book is thrown at you when you want to sell on a personal level. I am not a business so I cannot apply for a merchant card. Buyers do not want to use money orders because it is too expensive, and personal cheques are risky and also takes too long for the money to clear and then takes forever for the buyer to receive the items. I know I live in a third world country, but come on I thought America was first world and is the leader of everything universal. EBay and PayPal need to get into the 21st Century and and stop discriminating against ALL 3rd world countries.

                  ONE REPLY WAS THIS

                  2817happyisme (25 ) View Listings | Report Nov-12-08 11:24 PST 7 of 18

                  Bottom line here, South Africa and several other countries ARE NOT TRUSTED for a variety of reasons. YES, you can send money but not receive it, that most likely has more to do with your government, it's policies and it's cooperation on international trade and enforcement than anything else, to be perfectly honest.

                  MY REPLY (sorry for the capital CUAN but for once I was glad that capital meant shouting)

                  LET'S NOT GET INTO THE POLITICAL DEBATE, I AM NOT ANSWERABLE NOR RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CORRUPTNESS, THE POLICIES NOR THE INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO-OPRETATION OF MY COUNTRY. Let us not forget who put pressure on who which has landed us in the situation we know have to live with in South Africa. How easily the bans and boycotts are forgotten and while you are pointing your finger at us, remember there are 3 of your fingers pointing back at you. You may not believe it but there are still a few honest, hardworking people with integrity here in South Africa who live with it, in it and through it everyday while you sit in your Ivory Tower passing judgement.

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                  2817happyisme (25 ) View Listings | Report Nov-12-08 12:11 PST 9 of 18

                  It is not a political debate, it is a reality, you live with the consequences of the decisions that your government takes, whether or not you are responsible for them. I simply pointed out to you a very logical reason WHY you are prohibited from selling and receiving payments through Paypal. The internal affairs of your country are not my problem or concern.

                  here are a few more replies which make interesting reading :arrow:

                  Responseminervabird (2563 ) View Listings | Report Nov-12-08 16:50 PST 15 of 18
                  eBay does not even recognize that Africa exists at all.

                  That is quite unusual since we have many sellers from EBYPT that acceopt PayPal and cannot have accounts. ....they seem to be 'overlooked' for some reason..(wonder what that might be)....

                  As a seller, on cannot de-select any African is simply not in eBay's geography...They only recently discovered that Australia was not in Asia, and Hong Kong was not in China after all. ...depending on what you are selling, of course.

                  My reply
                  But they own the vehicle that transports you. So I suppose they must be the one who wields the big whip.

                  claypipe (3526 ) View Listings | Report Nov-13-08 06:05 PST 16 of 18
                  ....Correct on the backs of nearly every seller...At this point it matters not their stock is tanking, and their policies are not being embraced by buyers or sellers alike.

                  Cheerleaders can plug all they want for this company, it matters not....Glitches abound, new ones appear nearly everyday, There are more problems with pay-pal then ever with paper when one reads the boards. Ludicrous policies that ban paper in one category and allow it another. Simply ludicrous feedback policy...Discussion boards are patrolled by posters who clearly have an affiliation with eBay and have truthful threads removed...The site is an absolute mess, and it appears the shareholders are duped into thinking the changes are for the betters. Maybe one morning they will wake up, maybe not.....

                  This one really grabbed me.

                  misscheverly (3697 ) View Listings | Report Nov-13-08 06:18 PST 17 of 18
                  Africa is a country, right?

                  yourquestion (100 ) View Listings | Report Nov-13-08 06:19 PST 18 of 18
                  eBay does not even recognize that Africa exists at all, like mrs. Palin

                  eBay has unfavorable policies for outside US members.
                  eBay, even has unfavorable policies for US members.

                  eBay is yesterday.

                  If you managed to read this far then all I can say is do you really still wish to sell on EBay when we have a perfect selling engine in BidorBuy. I leave you to decide


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                    Hi All

                    Due to Reserve Bank regulations and exchange control issues, most South Africans cannot use paypal, unless you have a bank account overseas, as a buyer you can make payment via paypal, but generally as a seller you cannot use it in this country. You will find mostly overseas sellers using paypal.



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                      Sorry Cuan

                      This is only partly correct. If you have a legitimate registered business, you can apply for a Merchant Credit Card, and Paypal recognise this card and away you go ready to trade. Believe me I have exhausted the research into this.


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                        Thanks Angela

                        Kind regards


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                          all I can say about paypal and ebay is .... what ever.... If they don't want to trust me why should I trust them I will just keep it local VIVA Bid or buy ... TATA ebay
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                            I could not agree with you more, Local is Lekker :!: , Superior and let me tell you exceptionally cheaper.

                            Did you know the ANC gave Thabo Mbeki a luxuary vehicle when he stepped down as President? a TATA Sorry I had to add this as your VIVA and TATA reminded me of the Joke :!: :!:


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                              Also hoped to expand and make so much more money! Selling on ebay that is.

                              In the mean time I am surrounded by a wonderful and very active BidorBuy Stamp (philatelic) Community. Thanks to all for this.

                              My top clients pay me within minutes of the sale. Should they be successful on a Wednesday Auction, they receive their items by that Friday. 40 Hours later. So no Train Smash by keeping it local.


                              Philately starts where the catalogue stops.
                              Items I have for sale.