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  • Members spouses bidding on their items !!!!!!!

    Is this ethical ? certainly not in my books and is as far as im concerned dishonest !!!

    If you list an item you do it at your own free will and risk .I have seen many low value items of which i have been involved in the bidding go for far above catologue and this is the fun of the whole auction concept .But when i get outbid on an item by the spouse of the person who listed it , shame on you!!! I will not bid on your items again and will inform all my bob friends.I must add that i have since spoken to bob members and it seems all know who they are !!!!

    Interested in your comments !!!

    By the way Happy new year to you all !!!

    Superswede ( Bjorn )

    Well i posted this yesterday and bid or buy has blacklisted both today , there is your verdict !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I am interested to know the outcome of the auction you are refering to, did the spouse win the item?, if so what is the point?. If it a unique item (I do not know what the item was) then how will the seller re-list the item, he/she will lose face in this instance.

    It is a risk listing R1.00 no reserve but that is the chance you take, I lose out regularly when alot of my items sell for between 1 and 10 rand, hopefully this will change as buyers become more aware of what is available and the value thereof.

    Anyway, welcome to the forum, check out what has and is being discussed.

    Items I have for sale.


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      Hi Superswede
      If what you are saying is correct and I have no reason to doubt you,then the ethical question must be raised.
      Dishonesty is probably harder to prove as he (probably) technically hasnt broken any Bid or Buy rules.
      Whether prospective clients would wish to buy in future from such a seller is open to debate and I believe that it is in the interests of the Bid or Buy community that you furnish the forum with details of the lot/lots in question along with the name of the seller.
      Individual buyers can then make up their own minds if they wish to do further business when furnished with the full details .
      Kind Regards


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        Hello Bjorn

        Welcome to the forum.

        Yes, I know who you are referring to.

        I agree, as sellers we laugh when our auction prices go two or three times what we expected. We should be prepared to take the bad times as well (last night an item of mine went for a miserable R12-00. I paid R25-00 for it! Listing fee was R10-00.

        Why not report this seller to BidorBuy? I am sure that they will act.


        Philately starts where the catalogue stops.
        Items I have for sale.


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          Hi Guys/Girls

          i have also seen this practice where the husband is selling the same item his wife has for sale and he posted a bid on his wife's item. This is so blatent when the item is up for sale and they do it on the same auction. Where are the ethics.

          In this case it was the FDC with the Mandela coin so there can be no discussion regarding the one item being better than the other. In this case the husband was not successfull in winning the item....suprise suprise !!!!!!!! This can go unnoticed where the husband has a different user name no-one would be any the wiser.

          I agree that this should not be allowed and the parties concerned should be named and shamed.

          What do you guys think ?


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            Shill bidding is not allowed. Please report suspicious bidders to

            Thank you


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              Please expose the culprits.
              My age is but an irrelevant number !
              Items I am selling.


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                Hello David

                BidorBuy blacklisted both!


                Philately starts where the catalogue stops.
                Items I have for sale.


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                  Hi Jacques,
                  Understood, just wanted to know the names as a matter of interest....will have a search when I have some time.
                  David :D
                  My age is but an irrelevant number !
                  Items I am selling.