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    What is the criterea to be followed when collecting postmarks?. Obviously a clear full strike is first prize but as we all know post office employees did not take this into account and were not very accurate most of the time. If you have part of a postmark that you can positively identify using reference material such as Putzel etc and the date is present, does this count?. Just because the "Fi" in "Ficksburg" is missing does the value go down even though everyone knows it's "Ficksburg"? In the same vain would you lose points when exhibiting such an item?

    Are there any Dealers out there that specialise in postmarks?, when I say specialise I would like to see "Nababeep" or "Gariep", earlt 1900's stuff. If I am looking for a postmark, I would like to think that I can go to Joe Soap and he will sort me out or is this just a pipe-dream. Things were so much easier when I was collecting First Day Covers.

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    Hi Gabriel 1
    I cetainly dont know of any dealer who specialises in postmarks and as you say even if they did the chances of getting a country by country selection neatly presented from A-Z is remote.
    My belief is the better the postmark the more chances are that it was philatelic.
    Post Office clerks were supposed to tie the stamp to the envelope so if you find a copy of a stamp where the postmark fits beautifully within the margins of the stamp,perhaps all is not what it seems.
    No doubt the clearer the strike,the higher the value however.
    On this subject when have you ever seen a GB 5 Pound orange with a bad cancel?
    On the contrary,these high value stamps always seem to have a perfectly centred small CDS,normally from Glasgow,Belfast or Manchester.
    These stamps never saw parcel usage(have you ever seen a Govt Parcels cancellation?)Those clerks knew how to apply a cancel.
    They are either telegraph cancellations or CTO (as many are dated 1900 at the end of their usage)
    But trust me you pay top dollar for one with these pretty little cancels!

    Kind Regards


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      I have found the same with Wolmaransstad (British Occupation), perfect postmarks, seeing that most of the covers were prepared by Leask and addressed to himself, it is not suprissing.

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        Hi Gabriel1

        Many years ago I worked in the post office and when a philatelist requested a stamp be cancelled for collection purposes, we would stamp that item with absolute precision.

        Many employees, being collectors would also address envelopes to themselves and cancel the stamps themselves.

        As far as the British postmarks are concerned, the British have actually used a cancellation machine since somewhere in the 1850's, that would explain their perfect postmarks/cancellations.

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