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  • Auction Catalogues


    There are 2 parts to this.

    Is there any merit to using Auction catalogues as reference material? I have often heard and read that you should but for what means? The estimates in the catalogues are only estimates and in most cases are exceeded at the actual auction.

    The second part is that I have often seen in publications and items on display that reference is made to Auction Houses, ex ABC and co or ex EFG Auction House. It looks and sounds fancy but is it always relevant? I am sure that the Auction House gives you a receipt but do they give you a certificate?, I doubt that they do but if they do is this then passed on to the next buyer if the item is sold?, does it then become ex Gabriel1's collection? (who the hell is Gabriel1?), these are the things that keep me up at night.

    Items I have for sale.

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    Hello Gabriel1

    I think that there is merit in perusing as many auction catalogues as possible. For many different obvious reasons. But in my opinion the estimates are of little if any consequence.

    And the origin is of no importance as well. Ex Ferrari Collection, Ex Rall collection. Ex Sothebey’s. Ex Christies. So what?

    As far as I know, no auction house will give you a certificate. At the best they will knock down an item “subject to certificate”. You still have to pay for the item on the spot and might claim a refund should the item prove to be misdescribed.

    Can’t wait for the Gabriel1 collection to hit he market! Everything meticulously described, presented and preserved.


    Philately starts where the catalogue stops.
    Items I have for sale.