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  • Goal?

    Hi All

    I am busy researching books for my Boer War exhibit and have come across some trivia that I just have to share.

    During the Ladysmith Siege: "A soccer game between the Gordon Highlanders and the Imperial Light Horse is interupted when a shell drops on the field. No one is hurt, but the Gordons 'sneak' a goal under the cover of dust and smoke. The ILH object but the Scots are 'immovably stubborn', and finally a message is sent to the Football Association in England, inquiring as to whether such a contingency is covered by the rules of the game"

    It does not give the outcome but I am sure the Scots claimed the victory.

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    Hi Gabriel 1
    The football match you refer to was reported in The Scotsman newspaper of Dec 8th 1899
    "Friday the 17th (Nov)was quiet.On Saturday our naval gun north of the town silenced the enemy's cannon on Surprise Hill,sending a shell into the earthworks.
    During a football match in the afternoon between the Gordon Highlanders and the Mounted Volunteers a shell fell just over the spectators,but hit no one.The Gordons won a hotly contested game by two goals to one."

    I can find no record of the Football Associations reply but I agree that it should go down in the record books as another Scots victory!
    Kind Regards



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      Thanks Kenny

      See you Saturday, this time I am definetly bringing the Whiskey, I can't stand another day of Jacques sulking.

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