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  • Introduce yourself here

    Hi All

    Obviously, many of us do know each other but i suppose many do not (due to the user ID). As a suggestion, we could use this thread to introduce ourselves.

    To Start

    My name is Colin, and I collect Germany, Belgium, Holland, France and a fondness for cindarella's and local posts with a special interest in Belgian Railway stamps.

    I have a sincere desire to attract more novice collectors (hey I am one myself) to the hobby.

    enjoy chatting with my peers and learning new things every day.



    Share the Knowledge and Grow the hobby

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    Hello Colin

    I am Jacques – most of the people on BidorBuy know me by first name.

    The reason for my username is a different story. As Korrie put it, I own a lion disguised as a dog. He is my boss.

    I enjoy Union, SWA Proofs and SA Railways. Would have loved to know more about SWA Railways, but these items are rare.

    I think we are all experts and novices at the same time. Seahorsefantic will take one look at an European lot and put a value on it in a few seconds and KennyN will spot a Great Britain shade, while I will stare in amazement. Just read Gabriel1's post on his Boer War Camp cancellation.

    Stamp collecting / philately / stamp dealing is just too wide for anybody to know it all. I haven't counted, but I am sure that the SACC alone must list well over 5 000 different stamps (varieties, shades perforations, watermarks, excluded). Add postal history and the so-called cinderellas to this number and most other collecting fields become rather simplified. And then add a few hundred thousand stamps listed by Gibbons / Scott / Michel.

    A gem dealer on BidorBuy has a wonderful post script to his posts, saying that “we teach best what we need to learn most”.


    Philately starts where the catalogue stops.
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      Hi All

      Steve, Username Gabriel1

      I have dabbled in most areas over the years, Union, Flight covers, RSA, Varieties, Christmas stamps, signed covers, Rhodesia, Definitives, Postal History etc. etc.

      I have finally settled down and now only concentrate on Boer War, SA Railways and Postmarks (only SA). These 3 catagories are huge and take up alot of my time. Also research plays a large role in these areas, nothing is ever easy or straight forward. I think of the 3 areas that I am now colecting, postmarks is probably the most involved and difficult to come by (thank goodness for Putzel). Not many dealers hold stocks of postmarks, they say there is not enough demand. I try to tie in my postmarks with my BW and Railways collections which means I am often restricted to dates (period) thus making it even more difficult.

      That's my lot.

      Items I have for sale.


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        Hi Colin, Jacques and everyone else

        I have enjoyed this forum over the last 6 months and it seems to be going from strength to strength which is great.

        My collecting areas at the moment are eastern Europe with focus on Poland. I also collect Japan, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and motorcycles. I have also built up a usefull accumulation of petrol rationing and tax covers over the years.

        My collection has been helped over many years by superb dealers such as Jacques who always seems to be able to temp me with goodies that he pulls out of the hat at any time. A true magician. Added to this are the fairs and auctions together with the thousands of others the world over and fellow collectors Kenny/Tom/etc who know what you collect and automatically are on the look out for you as a friend. What a great cameraderie between collectors.

        Our hobby is helped with the sharing of info with interesting topics such as cleaning stamps, interesting notes on Boer war and even khakibos !!! To say that I know 5% of my subject would be arrogant and this is what makes us work together. We may disagree strongly but at the end of the day we are working with a hobby with endless info.

        Cedric Roche told me an interesting story of a very wealthy collector mant years ago who collected the world in a simplified manner up until 1930. When he died in the fifties he still needed 14 stamps. The punchline to this story is that about 7 of the stamps were valued at less than R10.00 each but could not been found after trying just about every dealer in the world. Goes to show.

        I hope the topic on cleaning of stamps/rust/cellotape etc carries on for a while as this will always be relevant and helpfull. Education is going to be an on going exercise such as life itself. The only constant is change.

        To Jacques and Kenny, Moira would like to know if Jimmy Choo's and Laubautin's are also up for discussion in this forum.


        NB Am I able to put in a telephonic bid on the Saturday Fair's while on honeymoon ? Surely there should be a special concession for us where someone like Kenny could bid on those elusive Mongolian proofs or Machin delights or the odd 50kg box of date stamp cards ?


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          Moira would like to know if Jimmy Choo's and Laubautin's are also up for discussion in this forum.
          What? Are these forgeries? Like Sperrati or Binda? If yes then definitely!


          Philately starts where the catalogue stops.
          Items I have for sale.


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            Hello seahorse fanatic and dstorm
            Great idea to include these two new categories.I include them sure we can include them in the exhibition.
            Jacques,I am not sure about the forgery status.I am in the food game and I have heard of Topper Chews and Milky Chews,but this new line Jimmy Chews,mmn,dont know about that.
            Dave,as for this low bottoms,even more concern.Must be talking about us whisky drinkers



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              I have been a lurker on the forum since 2000 and have learnt a lot and laughed even more. It is further evidence of the generous nature of the majority of collectors who are eager to share their knowledge.
              I will in future participate when I think I know better!
              I collect Postage stamps bearing the
              symbol, and have an interest in Transvaal, Union, and RSA.
              Keep it up!
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                Good Evening all:

                My names John

                I am a new addition to the BoB Philately group. My interests are TVL,COGH, Natal & OFS / ORC. With a specific interest in reveues.
                I to can say I have been reading all the posts, every night. And enjoyed tremendously the advice given, and the humerous stories told.


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                  Hello Charles!

                  Welcome. I am glad you finally came out of the closet.

                  Just when I thought I have seen it all. I like your Avatar! A Transvaal stamp with the Head of King GEORGE V. Who printed it? Speratti, or perhaps the dealer with the fast sounding name? Or is it some kind of Inter-Provincial issue?

                  I will in future participate when I think I know better!
                  Do not be too modest. You are in good company. We all think that we know better.


                  Philately starts where the catalogue stops.
                  Items I have for sale.


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                    Hello John!

                    Welcome to the ONLY stamp society in the RSA with a growing membership. We have no chairman, no treasurer and no secretary. But we do have ORDINARY members. I did once apply to be VICE chairman, but had no response from anybody.

                    I note your collecting field. You too are in good company – you should buy from me. Gabriel1, KennyN and Clinton will confirm that I regularly (OK, I admit: always) sell Southern Africa Revenues at a loss on the Wednesday Crazy Auctions!


                    Philately starts where the catalogue stops.
                    Items I have for sale.


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                      NEW AT SELLING STAMPS

                      Please call me Robcol, as per my user name. My mother has given me her vast collection of postal stamps, as well as some revenue stamps. I am in the process of sorting through them, and will gradually sell them on Bid or Buy. As I am going along, I am learning all the time about stamps, and must admit, thoroughly enjoying myself. I do have the Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth catalogue and The South African Stamp Colour Catalogue, which are about two years outdated. I am using these books to try and get some indication of what the stamp is worth, but am unsure of what to list the stamp on Bid or Buy for. Any suggestions.

                      A lot of my stamps date back to the late 1800's, early 1900's. I have a lot of Commonwealth, Union of S.A., SWA, Bechualand, etc used stamps. I also have a lot of new Bophutswana, SWA, etc sets of stamps.

                      I have yet to sort through all my foreign stamps, of which I have numerous. A lot of the stamps are very old, so I will doing a lot of homework looking into the history of these various stamps.

                      Anyway, thats all for now, and I would appreciate it if anyone could give me any advise on how to tackle my project of selling stamps.


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                        Hello Robcol

                        Thanks for joining the Stamp Forum.

                        Your current catalogues should be fine for the time being.

                        Unfortunately the catalogue is only a very (rather extremely) basic guide. Condition plays a very big role, while current supply and demand is also a huge factor.

                        Perhaps you should try the Crazy Wednesday Auction. Start at R1-00 (pay the extra R5-00 for a premium listing) and see what happens.

                        (Un) Fortunately, selling stamps are not the same as selling tins of baked beans where you can just look at a list and price accordingly.

                        It takes time...winning....and losing....and then mostly winning.


                        Philately starts where the catalogue stops.
                        Items I have for sale.


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                          This forum is great! I read it often. I'm sure there is much to learn. I tend to read the threads but prefer to remain a lurker for fear of getting 'emotionally involved' in discussions.

                          I collect postal history, worldwide, particularly from 1930s 1940s 1950s. Unfortunately I find there is very little postal history on bob. Either that or I cannot actually find it because I don't have time to wade through thousands of stamps and first day covers in each country category in order to find the elusive piece of postal history. Nevertheless, I will continue to do daily 'New Item' searching in the hope of finding something special. I have already found one or two great items, including transpacific airmail.


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                            Have a great day !
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                              Hi !

                              My name is Sheila; I collect Southern Africa from the Equator down, railways, postal history & Boer War.
                              My other hobby is reading; with all that I must say I spend about 70% of my time working with figures - the ones with an R in front of them - don't get me wrong - NOT as a hobby !
                              ( Cuan, please note - I isn't shouting = I is jus' emphasising )

                              I have made some good friends on BoB and have learnt a lot from the BoB-mob. I do not believe there is anyone who can claim to ever know "everything" about any section of Philately, 'cos you never know when I am going to find that envelope (with letter, of course !) that Cousin Harry sent to Ou Tante Koba in 1845 !! So, folks, carry on with the teaching.

                              Have a wonderful day

                              BTW, I am 62, have a daughter, a son-in-law & two teenage grandsons. Do I get the prize, Jacques ?