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  • Emil Tamsen

    Hi all

    I am looking for info/articles on Emil Tamsen, a web site would do fine, can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    Hi gabriel 1,

    This might interest you, on page 3 of the pdf file that opens is an article, The Halifax Philatelist, written by him in September 1888. -

    Takes a while to open.

    The link to this article, i will pm to you.

    Emil Tamsen, the father of Freemasonry in Nylstroom, was undoubtedly one of the great masons of the Transvaal.. Of German birth, he came to South Africa in 1880 and soon established a successful trading business between Pretoria and Nylstroom, and he became the mayor of the latter town in 1905. Also he was a most distinguished philatelist. Initiated in Transvaal Lodge in 1887, he was Charter Senior Warden of the first lodge in Nylstroom, Pyramids No 2968, which was consecrated in 1903. Unfortunately, following a local rebellion during the First World War, the lodge was forced into recess, and in 1916 returned its warrant.

    After the war, Bro Tamsen was determined to re-establish a lodge in Nylstroom. He eventually succeeded in gaining enough support to obtain a new charter and Pyramid Lodge No 5003 was consecrated in 1928. Bro Tamsen received Grand honours in 1941.

    The names 'Pyramids' and 'Pyramid' are a reminder of the discovery by the Voortrekkers, in about 1840, of a river flowing northwards, which they believed to be the source of the Nile.

    The lodge has always been a small one, depending for its survival on a few stalwarts, backed in more recent years by good support from Pretoria, and from its paired lodge, Bramley No 8052. A unique incident was the eating of the lodge warrant by ants, resulting in a new warrant being obtained, duly endorsed with the reason for its issue.
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      Hello Gabriel

      There is a very interesting article in the October 2008 edition of the S.A. Philatelist.

      While most Tamsen covers have always been considered as philatelic, the philatelic world used to thank him for at least leaving behind a brilliant legacy.

      However (as the S.A. Philatelist also alleges), there is more and more evidence that Tamsen very often “played around”. A master magician with the canceller.

      If you do not have the October 2008 issue, I can give you one as I have a spare copy.


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        Thanks Admin and Jacques, he was also very much involved in the Pietersburg issues, although you say many thanked him for what he left behind for us collectors, many also despised him for creating what they deemed as "unnecessay"

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