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  • Hi Guys - Can any one please help in identifying the following stamps and values

    Hi Guys Can anyone please help me in identifying the following stamps as well as there catologue values. Any assiatance would be greatly appreciated, Many thanks.

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    Hi Johnny AA
    From top to bottom,left to right
    1.German occupation of belgium 8C surcharged on 7 1/2 Pf.This was the second issue of the German Occupation of Belgium during World War 1,issued between 1916-18.
    2.German Post Offices in Morocco.These were normal German issues operprinted for use in Morocco.The 3 centimes on 3pf brown was issued in 1911 and was the only Moroccan ssue
    spelt MAROKKO,the previous being MAROCCO
    3.Normal German issue 10pf rose carmine from the 1905 issue which had a Watermark in the form of Lozenges,.Similar stamps had been issued in 1902 with No Watermark.These were the normal definitive stamps of the period.
    4.Spanish post offices in Morocco.This is a 1937 issue depicting General Franco .These stamps were issued as "an Obligatory tax for disabled soldiers",presumably from the Spanish Civil War.

    None of the stamps unfortunately have any great value,the Spanish one being the least common.The German Occupation of Belgium issues are generally worth more used than mint
    Kind Regards


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      Thanks Kennyn

      For the help in identifying the stamps. was thinking of posting them on the wednesday crayzy auction next week. But if they are so low in value I fear that I may not even obtain the listing fee.

      Its been a bit quite of late obtaining only 20% maximum of CV.