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  • Lets clean up our act!!!

    Hi all,

    I would like to thank Gabriel1 for his lastest offering on BoB. Hopefully it was meant to be tongue in cheek, but nowadays one can't be to sure. In all sincerity, I cannot understand how these manufactured covers that are currently being produced in Cape Town can actually be sold on Bid or Buy. This is a blatant rip-off, with the only loser being the poor soul that actually bids on the thing. Are the sellers that desperate to make money that they could produce "fraudulent" items and catch the unsuspecting buyers, who probably base their trust (of the seller) on the rating system currently in place? I find it difficult to believe that a seller could stoop so low, just to make the extra buck.

    Gabriel1's attack on this topic makes it fairly obvious that the majority of sellers don't want to see this sort of rubbish being sold on BoB, and yet, we as sellers (the people that pay the bills) have no say as to the products that other sellers are allowed to sell. It would seem that every time I make a comment trying to protect the most important members of BoB (the buyers), I get shot down in flames by the "powers that be". If it weren't for the buyers, we as sellers could pack up and go home.

    Can we not protect our own little auction site from the ruthless, unscrupulous sellers that are out to hurt the buyers? In my humble opinion, we as honest sellers should have every right to expose a transaction that is likely to cause one of our (prospective) buyers harm.

    LET'S Keep it CLEAN!!!!

    P.S. I apologise to Gabriel1 if any of this letter unintentionally reflects on him, because that was most definitely not the direction intended. I appreciate his sense of humour and hope that this would actually act as an advert to his auctions.

    P.P.S. OK Qball, I'll go away quietly.

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    Hello Rusty

    You have my support in all that you have said. I love BidorBuy, but I am constantly hurt when I see trusting buyers throwing good money away to buy worthless “unique” monstrosities.

    I drive a Volkswagen Golf. The cheapest on the market. What would happen if I were to “soup it up”? Fins and double exhaust and a double barrel Webber carburetor and fur on the dashboard, etc, etc. It would surely be unique. And it would also be a testament to idiocy.

    There are such wonderful stamp sellers on BidorBuy. Yet we will go over the same again and again. Some sellers are only out to make a quick buck.

    I have given up trying to change the system. And I understand now that I tried in vain. It belongs to BidorBuy and they have the fullest right to carry on the way things are at the moment (please compare it to classified advertisements in a newspaper).

    The buyers that are “close” to me understand. I treasure them and I keep them close to my heart. They bid on my items because they understand what I am selling.

    But let us keep our eyes open for some wonderful future listings from Gabriel 1. He has his feet on the ground. Move over Tamsen….there is a new kid on the block. In 100 years time collectors from all over the galaxy would be searching for “Catlin” covers – surprising their (alien) friends at birthday parties.


    Philately starts where the catalogue stops.
    Items I have for sale.


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      Hi Rusty and Jacques

      I have already listed this weeks "Catlin" cover, Rusty no offence taken I actually do not care if anyone bids on the cover or not, I am making a statement to show how ridiculous the whole thing is. You have no idea to what lenghts I will go, Tamsen and Leask will be but a faded memory when I am finished. Love it or hate it, the "Catlin" cover is here to stay. The cover I posted last week had nearly 100 page views and if my memory serves me correctly there were 7 people tracking it, makes you think. Jacques will tell you that I have no intention of exploiting the market and in fact the opposite is true, I want to protect and promote philately as far as possible. Do yourself a favour and attend our Exhibition on 25 and 26 July, you will see what I am talking about.

      Items I have for sale.