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  • Postmark Madness


    I spent exactly 20 hours sorting through 15000 stamps over the weekend in search of postmarks, wore out my tweezers, got stamp elbow and when I close my eyes I see black circles. Out of all the stamps sorted through I managed to find 241 different postmarks, these now need to be identified, described and catalogued, probably another 20 odd hours. I have come to the conclusion after this task that postmarks are highly under rated, what may have been common to Putzel when he compiled his books is flipping scarce now. Where does one look to find these items?, I have resorted to buying lots where perhaps only one mark is required and then get stuck with the rest. I have further realised that collectors of used stamps are destroying the postmarks, they soak the stamps off cover or piece which means that most of the postmark is lost forever.

    Items I have for sale.

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    Hello Gabriel

    wore out my tweezers

    You should buy the new tweezers with Tungsten Carbide tips.

    They last!

    Philately starts where the catalogue stops.
    Items I have for sale.


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      Lack of knowledge always causes problems later on. I always look at the on piece items to see if there is something interesting - clear cancel etc - these i keep the rest can be washed.

      I am not a postmark collector as such, but i have been able to help out others in this way with quite common stamps showing some nice cancels.

      Lately, i have been putting away anything that shows cancels of the RSA towns that have had name changes to something unpronouncable (4q's and a silent click):)

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