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  • Excessive Postage Costs

    I feel that some sellers quote excessive postage costs . Why do I have to pay R35 for a R5 item. It amazes me that they sell but they do.

    One has to be careful before one bids and see if you can afford the postage not the item

    I think sellers should have a look at the latest postal rate schedule before setting postage costs
    Also if your packaging is so expensive then this should be indicated so the poor bidder can make an informed decision.

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    Hello Blacktail

    I am glad that you brought this up.

    Are you referring to Auction vs Buy Now?

    Are you referring to cases where the postage cost is clearly displayed before the buyer bid or buy?

    I have had some mixed luck selling on the crazy auctions lately. For example: a buyer might get an item with a retail value of a R1000-00 for R800-00. In this case he / she would be perfectly willing to pay the R20-00 or R30-00 postage costs. Yet, should the same item sell for say R11-00, the same buyer might be reluctant to pay the same postage costs.

    Why? Just because the buyer is getting a bargain at the expense of the seller, it does not mean that the seller should lose even more!

    There is more to postage and packing than just the postage fee. To sell an item at R12-00, SECURELY pack the item and email a tracking number (10 minutes?), mail the item over the counter (15 minutes?), padded envelope + stiffener, fuel costs?

    I state my postage costs upfront, visible to every bidder or buyer. Why should the successful bidder be allowed to negotiate on postage costs (a waste of my time) or simply refuse to pay R20-00 postage after they have bought a bargain / entered into a legal contract?

    However, if you are referring to sellers who up their postage costs after the sale just to make up for a low price achieved on auction, then I fully agree with you.

    The forum is about debate, I hope that other buyers and sellers will give their input as well.

    Thanks and regards

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      Hi All.

      Whilst I agree that R35.00 is a bit high for a (I assume) standard registered letter, each seller has different costing factors that need to be taken into account. What really gets me is that some sellers cannot / will not advertise their postage costs on their auctions. Although setting the costs on your auction is as simple as falling off a bar-stool, I am sure that their are people who deliberately side-step this as a means of making up for their loss. I was caught once on "the other" auction site, and never again. If there is no postage cost on the auction, rather ask the seller for the cost on the q&a before bidding.


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        Postage costs

        Hi Bobbers,This is one of my pet hates.My own opinion is Bid or Buy should make it compulsory to list postal charges.If the postal charge is not listed and it is something I am looking for I sometimes ask the seller the postal price but 95% of the time I do not bother.
        So sellers it pays to list the postal charges.Have a great weekend.Regards Kevin
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          Hi All
          I too agree that the shipping costs that certain sellers ask is way above the norm - I can honestly see why sellers state that they only ship once or twice a week. If the buyer is prompt with placing the order and making payment I feel obliged to get his parcel shipped ASAP. The best is to state your shipping up front and allow buyers to combine items (locally only) to maximise the benefits of the shipping costs. Jacques has hit the nail on the head - the cost of padded envelopes, stiffners, time & fuel are factors to be kept in mind - the + R35 is out of the question
          Have a good week-end

          Kit W:)
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            Long and short, in most cases (99.876%) the seller will indicate how much the postage is. I did at one stage ask a seller why the package he sent had a R15 postage stamp on it and he had charged me R40. He noted fuel costs to get to the post office and time. I answered back and said, well I too have fuel costs and time to spend in the queues to collect it, who'll compensate me for that.
            In general, none of us as buyers know exactly how far a seller lives from his post office, and it is safe to say postage is one of the many ways sellers make their money on BoB. Particularly those that only post on a certain day of the week. It is up to the buyer to read the conditions of sale, and if he accepts them, to just pay up. No harm of course in debating the issue after you've paid.
            I will add however: why do some sellers add an extra R10 to postage where I've won two auctions and the added article weighs significantly less than the original, and will in fact have no bearing on the cost of the combined package?



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              I state what my postage costs are but still some buyers ignore this and pay R4 odd and think that I will be happy with what I get. DOWN with short payers DOWN, sorry thought I was at a rally.

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                Hello all

                Let me start off by saying that I charge R20-00 for shipping with tracking number, mostly using quality commemorative stamps or a 1997 R20-00 Bataleur Eagle for the actual postage.

                But I want to state again that there is more involved to shipping costs than the actual amount charged by the post office. Just by adding the stationary and the time involved, R35-00 for postage is not excessive. As a seller I can reasonably demand that, as long as I state it upfront. It is up to the bidder / buyer to decide whether he wants to bid or buy. How much it costs the successful bidder to pick up the parcel from the post office is of no concern to me. He / she should take that into account before bidding or buying.

                Ask yourself, how much do you need to make per hour to earn a decent wage? Why should the seller work for less? To mail 3 parcels at the post office normally takes me 10 to 15 minutes, including time in the queue, but excluding time traveling to the post office.

                I also had more than one case of buyers just adding R5-00 for postage, dictating (after successfully bidding) what they are prepared to pay for postage. Persons like these deserve an immediate negative rating, as they refuse to pay the legal amount due. Whether I ship an item worth R10-00 or R1000-00, the same time and costs are involved.

                I agree with Nivek, BidorBuy should make it compulsory for Postage Charges to be listed upfront. There is absolutely no reason why the seller should be able do decide on this after the close of an auction. On the other hand, I think that all of the sellers on the Stamp section do list their charges upfront.


                Philately starts where the catalogue stops.
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                  Hi to all.I think you are way off the mark with the stamp sellers listing the postal charges I don't think it is more than 50%.I have no problem with a seller charging R35.00 postage if it is listed up front,I remember at one time Jacques you stated that you would only ship by the overnight bag at R45.00 there were items I was interested in but would not pay that amount for postage,that was your option and my choice.As to the statement how much it cost the successful bidder to pick up his parcel is no concern of yours well do you really think the buyer is bothered about how long we have to wait in PO queues to post the items I don't think so.I also agree about buyers deciding there own postal charges they should get a negative rating.Have a great weekend everyone.
                  Cheers Kevin


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                    Hello Nivek

                    Point taken.



                    PS: But how on earth does your weekend start on a Thursday?
                    Philately starts where the catalogue stops.
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                      Hi I have been laid off until work picks up again,so every day starts a long weekend.Cheers


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                        That sucks... I provided the only income for 6 weeks at one stage.. Tough for all parties... Sorry hey...
                        What's for sale today?


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                          I add my voice to those who suggest that postage costs should be stipulated up front - particularly where the item sold is larger than usual, so that a buyer is not surprised by R60 postage, for example.