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  • name changes

    Hi Fellow bobbers.I don't know if people have noticed but a few sellers are changing there names.They also keep the ratings from the previous name.As there are sellers I will not deal with again (because of postal charges) I find this disturbing.Maybe in the profile section the previous name should be mentioned.How do others feel about this?.
    Cheers Kevin

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    Hi Kevin I fully agree with this. I presently want to change my name. The name I use was registered several years ago and I'd prefer something more relevant now.

    I'm open and upfront about this so it suits me to show who "I was" because I have nothing to hide and want the few people who have dealt with me to remember me.

    If a con wants to change it will at least protect those who dealt with the previous name who would most likely associate the name with an unpleasant experience.

    For me it is simple to look at ratings as I'm not selling much YET ;). But it must be a nightmare for those selling 1,000s of items a month.

    My vote is with you - reflect the previous name.
    Items I have for sale.

    Why do today what you can put off till next year?


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      If you have bought from them previously it will show under prev purchases / sales but reflect the new name, can always check that way?
      What's for sale today?