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  • President Zuma Stamp Issue

    Hi Guys

    I am surprised that nobody has passes a comment about the new Presiden Zuma issue that came out yesterday. I guess that if 2 million were on sale then everyone has got his/her fair allotment. When I recived my order I was informed that there were not many left - this puzzles me because it is a Standard Postage issue & will be no problem to issue a reprint at any time
    It will be interesting to see how many "homemade" covers will now surface with the new stamp

    Only time will tell

    Enjoy the day

    Kit W
    Items I am selling.

    The tongue weighs practically nothing..
    Some people can't hold it!!

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    Hi Kit,
    I think after the last Presenential stamp issue debacle...very few people are now interested. I have an order in......lets see if I recieve it. Home made FDC's I am sure there will be a variety on offer. Lets all send some to Pres. Zuma's Office for a signature and lets see if we are lucky!!!!!Take care. David.;)
    My age is but an irrelevant number !
    Items I am selling.


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      Hello David
      Just goes to show.
      Our President Zuma is quite boring.
      If I remember correctly, pages and pages were written on this forum about (then) President Mothlantle.
      Can’t wait for the monstrosities to appear……
      Philately starts where the catalogue stops.
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        Hi Jacques,
        Hope you are well....missed your posts.
        It will be interesting to see, there is one set of 3 Pres. Zuma FDC's already on tomorrow. At least I can spell Zuma!
        Needed a bit of fun on the Forum, trying to get all my figures for my accountant tomorrow, for the nearly bankrupt SARS....what a pain. Why should poor Semi Retired Persons have to pay tax...I paid my dues for 40 years!!
        Rose calls.....sundowner time...great!!!!
        Have a lovely evening.
        My age is but an irrelevant number !
        Items I am selling.