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  • Volume of stamps ending soon

    Hi Bobbers. Last night I looked at the Stamp section "Ending soon" over 3000 items were listed mainly by 2 sellers Now I don't want to look through 3000 items which are just relisted and relisted.
    This has been discussed before but by now there must be a way to disable certain sellers who's listings you do not want to see for whatever reason.
    Other sellers items ending during this time will also probably miss out because of the volume of items ending soon.
    Have a great day all.Kevin

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    Hello Nivek

    For what it might be worth, I could not agree with you more...


    Philately starts where the catalogue stops.
    Items I have for sale.


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      Oh Yes!! There are definitely a few sellers I would rather forget!!
      Visit my hive!


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        "excessive postings/repeats/duplication"

        I made precisely this point a few months ago, and at that time not too many agreed. It would be a lot better for BidorBuy if browsers or searchers could individually exclude certain sellers from their search criteria. We all have the same reason for wishing to do so. If I am diving and looking for a coelecanth, I am not going to enter the water during the sardine run!!! If every time I go on to the site I see thirty copies of the same common issue from the same seller, I will quickly lose patience and search elsewhere. If however I can filter out the sellers of such material, I will be left with a better chance of finding what my collection is lacking.
        Mr Administrator- you allow us to search the items of our favourite Sellers, Please allow us to exclude the material of the less than favourite sellers! This will benefit the entire community!