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  • Ruby Reeves

    Hi guys, can anyone give me an indication to the value of this set, its signed by Thelma Campbell and Ruby Reeves
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    Hi Bumblebee Fashions

    There is no great value in the stamps as such as they are neither mint or used. For the record the current South African Colour Catalogue (SACC) values a mint set at R15.00 and a used set at R9.00. Also bear in mind the condition. There appears to be some tonning (rust) on one or two of the stamps.

    The value of this cover is possibly in the signatures and dependent on the importance of those who signed it. There is a market for signatures which is mostly overseas i.e. Ebay etc. One would need to research who these two people were and take it from there.

    Hope this help you.


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      Hi, thanks for the reply, as far as I understand it, these 2 ladies were the artists involved in creating the stamps. There is a museum in George that apparently houses all of Ruby Reeves' artwork. Anyone in George who can shed some light?

      I'm not looking to sell, just looking for a value though the sentimental value will probably be much higher, Ruby was a friend of the family.
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        Hi there

        Yuo are correct, the 0.5d, 2d and 1 shilling were designed by Mrs T.Campbell and the 1d and 4.5d were designed by Miss R.Reeves ( as stated in The Stamps of the Union of South Africa - S.J.Hagger ) so this cover has been signed by the artists. just a pity that they were'nt cancelled on the first day of issue ( 14 March 1952 )


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          cool, thanks for the info, much appreciated :)
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