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  • Discreet Listings

    Hi,all.These discreet listings really irritate me as i cannot see who is bidding and i therefore refuse to bid on any discreet listings.I think these listings should only apply to adult entertainment and definitely not to stamps and coins which are the areas i would bid on.Why would any seller feel the need to offer a discreet listing on stamps??Except to allow a bidder that we would perhaps recognise as a compatriot of the seller to push his price up??I would never bid on such listings and i think other buyers should avoid them like the plague.Neil

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    Hi Neil

    I fully agree with you. When I saw this lot appear recently with the bidding as "discreet" I was also suprised. I would expect discretion to be used with items of an adult nature or jewellery etc but not stamps. This leads me to think that the vendor can easily prop up his lot with bidding from friends and give the impression that the item is in demand etc. The lot in question was a lot of rubbish that I would be happy to sell for about R100-R200.

    This practice should not be allowed with regards to cheaper items where there is no need for privacy. On the other hand, if I was bidding on an "inverted jenny" with an expected realisation of hundred's of thousands of rands then I would insist on anonimity to protect myself form the jetsom and flotsam of society. Spending less than R2,000 is hardly a security risk.


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      Hello all

      I agree fully. When it comes to good single items the Discreet Factor is essential. Should you buy a good item at X amount, hoping to sell it a year later at a profit, you would not want the whole world to know what you bought it for.

      But when it comes to run of the mill items, there is absolutely no need for a D!

      Thanks and regards

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        On the other hand... for example in the photography section I "know" most of the other buyers of items that I am interested in and when I see they are also bidding, then I just put in my max. bid and walk away - for otherwise a bidding war is guaranteed.

        But yes, if the bidding is discreet, then I also stay away.
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          Good evening all

          You have all got this one spot-on
          There should be no Discreet listing for any Stamps or Coins unless the is a hidden bidding agenda! I notice this creeping into a lot of listings of late - I too just ignore. What is even more frustrating is when a RESERVE is placed on an item from the categories in question


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            Since the start price is not more than 80% of the reserve price, it's easy to calculate.
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