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  • Woodworkers scapers

    I am looking for wood scrapers - this is a simple plate of soft metal, used to scrape wood before sanding - I can find this on overseas, but they dont want to ship it !!!
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    I don't know where you live but try D&A Timbers in or AN White Hardware in Grahamstown. D & A telephone (046) 6227301 or A N White (046) 6222836. (Hope this type of information is allowed to be given out on BoB - if not, please will the Team delete this message and let me know! I am just trying to be helpful!)
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      Thanks I will try to contact them !


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        If you can get to a Government sawmill or a large sawmill, the old bandsaw blades are large and thick enough, made of a tough steel which can hold its edge well and yet be sharpened with relative ease. If you need to have a handscraper such as the models made by Stanley and Record, let me know via pm and I can list one for you.
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