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  • Did he fall through the riempies ...?

    Other Kitchenalia - MILK MAN'S STOOL for sale in Malmesbury

    Perhaps he died, falling through the riempies and that's why this is on sale? Don't know if I'd want to spend R150 for a few short, rough planks of wood no matter whose name is carved on it! LOL
    Yesterday I was clever and wanted to change the world.
    Today I am wise and am changing myself.

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      Reminds me of the time (many years ago) when we were visiting friends on their farm outside East London. The neighbours popped in for afternoon tea and the (then) young husband sat on a riempie stool which had rather sagging riempies. The young husband had a hole in the back seam of his shorts and as the afternoon wore on, his red underpants and family jewels dropped through the riempies. Only our hostess and I noticed it and every time we looked at each other we burst into laughter, which no-one else could understand until the young husband stood up! Then everyone, including the young husband, burst into laughter.
      Yesterday I was clever and wanted to change the world.
      Today I am wise and am changing myself.


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        I can confirm that Lily's story above is true! I was there.

        But this thread does remind me of the ol' man who used to play the piano in a local bar. Every night he was there. He couldn't read music but boy could he render good tunes if someone just hummed them to him first. His playing was superb. One night he was sitting on a riempie stool and he had a similar experience to the young husband above. One of the patrons in the bar walked up to him and asked him: "Do you know that your balls are hanging through the riempies"? And he replied: "No, but if you could just whistle a few bars, I'll play it!"
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