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  • Importer selling wholesale and bulk lots *LOW PRICES*

    Hi guys,

    I have a couple of products that I have started importing and im selling it in bulk/wholesale fashion. Below you'll find some of the products. Please note that I do not sell them individually and that all items WILL be listed on Bidorbuy for security reasons.

    1. LED Camping lights with magnetic strip at back
    2. Fish Bite Alarm
    3. Key Finders
    4. Cellphone chargers
    5. Ped Eggs
    6. 110 Db Alarm Locks
    7. One Trip Grips

    If you are interested in one of the products, drop me a private message that mentions the product and the quantity required and I'll list it as a buy now item. The bigger the order, the lower the price.

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    Wholesale Prices

    Kinbar Alarm Locks - R80 per piece - Min order 30 pieces - Retails for R150

    Fish Bite Alarm/Indicator with Telescopic stand - R80 per piece Min Order - 30 pieces Retails for R200

    LED Camping light - R18 per piece - Min Order 50 pieces- Retails for R50

    Sonic Key Finders - R14 per piece - Min Order 20 pieces - Retails for R50

    One Trip Grip - R12 per piece - Min Ordre 30 pieces - Retails for R30

    Contact me via private message